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Boiler Installation- What Do I Need to Know?

When it comes to boilers in general and boiler installation in particular, we know you will call the professionals at SuperTech HVAC. But, until then, we also know you have some questions.

How Does a Boiler System Work?

They are powered by gas. The boiler in itself will ignite the gas fuel. This is what will heat the copper pipes which are full of water. They are also called heat exchangers. As the copper pipes heat up, so does the water inside them.

The hot water will then be directed through the unit by a pump. Its final destination will be the radiators in each of your rooms. They will fill up with hot water and heat up themselves. The heat transfers from the radiators to the air in your room, making it warm.Boiler Service In Baltimore, MD

How Many Types of Boilers Are There?

There are two types of boilers:

  • A hot water boiler has a tank full of hot water at all times. The water reaches an average of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. When you wish to use the heat, the water will travel through the pipes being pushed by a pump all the way to your radiator where it will warm up your room.
  • A steam boiler has to boil the water that can be found in its tank and bring it up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit so that it can make steam. It will be pressurized to fill your pipes so that it can travel toward your radiator.

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