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HVAC Knowledge for Every Homeowner – Ductwork

Ductwork in Lutherville-Timonium, Baltimore, Ellicott City, MD, and the surrounding areas is a topic that every homeowner needs to know about. So here are a few details about the basics of ductwork, what types there are, and what their functions are.

What Are the Basic Functions of Ductwork?

Generally speaking, your ductwork system is installed so that it can distribute and carry the airflow from the HVAC unit and into every room of the house or commercial building.

The airflow that is being taken in and then put out could tell you how efficient your ductwork system is. Sometimes insufficient heating or cooling is due to poorly designed return ducts, for example, too small in size, poorly located, or not enough number of return ducts. Lack of well designed return ducts causes lack of circulation and limits hvac system ability to cool or heat the entire home evenly.

Please keep in mind that if your house or building also has sets of pipes that transport water, gas or refrigerant, they do not belong in the same category as ductwork. This only refers to air.

Types of Ductwork

  • Rigid ductwork – it’s made from sheet metal and it’s sealed and insulated. Rigid ductwork is very durable which is why it can be installed as part of a duct that goes on the roof.
  • Flexible ductwork – this one is made of plastic tubes that are very flexible and covered in insulation and wire frames as well as a plastic cover. They are the proper choice for tight spaces since they are easier to install.
  • Insulated ductwork – you will find that most types of ductwork are covered in fiberglass as insulation. However, reflex is now a more modern and popular choice as well.

The one thing you need to keep in mind is that it’s not a good idea to tackle ductwork on your own. Any mistake that you make can have serious consequences. Therefore, always hire a professional for this job. So why not give us a call? SuperTech is ready at a moment’s notice!

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