Ductless Air Conditioning Repair In Baltimore, Lutherville-Timonium, Ellicott City, MD and Surrounding Areas

Do I Need a Ductless Air Conditioning Repair? How Can I Tell?

Ductless Air Conditioning Repair In Baltimore, MDDuctless air conditioning repair in Baltimore, Lutherville-Timonium, Ellicott City, MD and the surrounding areas is the solution for when your unit encounters one or several malfunctions. Therefore, to help you out, we’ve listed some of the most common issues that happen with ductless air conditioners.

When to Opt for a Ductless AC Repair

1. Your outdoor fan has stopped running

Should you notice that the indoor air handlers are not cooling off anymore even if you have turned on their fan, go to the outdoor unit and see if the fan is running. Because of the intense heat of the summer, the capacitor which usually starts the fan motor and makes sure it keeps running might lose the ability to hold its electrical charge and break down. If you have a failed capacitor, a technician has to replace it.

2. Water is leaking from the indoor unit

You need to call the ductless air conditioning repair team immediately if you see water coming out of one of the units mounted on the walls. The same goes for when you see signs of water damage around the place where the unit sits on the wall.

It is true that the systems drip from the units outside. That’s perfectly fine. It’s condensation. However, it should under no circumstances happen inside. The said condensation has to pass through a drain hose which goes out the back of the unit and through the wall. If that doesn’t happen, it means that the system is not draining properly.

Its safe functioning has now been endangered and the water damage can actually cause the unit to dislodge from the wall.

3. The indoor unit does not respond to your remote control commands

As you might already know, all indoor units operate via remote control commands. That’s because they are very high up of the wall and you would have to get a ladder to work them otherwise! However, if you can’t adjust them using said remote control anymore, you could have an electric problem on your hands. Therefore, you need an expert to investigate it.

In fact, you need an expert to investigate all of the issues described above. If you feel like there’s anything wrong with your AC and you need a ductless air conditioning repair, please don’t hesitate to contact SuperTech!

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