Ductwork Modification In Baltimore, Lutherville-Timonium, Ellicott City, MD and Surrounding Areas

Common Signs You Need a Ductwork Modification Now

Ductwork Modification In Baltimore, MD

Ductwork modification in Baltimore, Lutherville-Timonium, Ellicott City, MD and the surrounding areas becomes a must-do on your list when your ductwork system has been in place for more than 20 years or when you can easily spot malfunctions. But what other signs are there?

Signs You Need a Ductwork Modification

  1. You can hear strange noises from the ductsIf this happens, you have two options. You are about to become the subject of a horror movie or your ductwork is dirty and damaged. The latter is a much more realistic scenario and the sounds you may be hearing could resemble a clamoring or a rattling. This could also mean that the duct are loose and in danger of falling.Another sound you might be hearing is a faint whistling. This is the air passing through them if they are leaky and have holes. All of the situations described above will require you to call in a professional HVAC technician for a ductwork modification. Except for the horror movie scenario. You’re on your own. We joke, of course.
  1. The ducts are damaged or tangledYou can actually perform a visual inspection of the ducts yourself. Are they worn down in any way? Can you see any damage caused by time such as holes? Maybe some sections are now separated from the others or they are about to fall off?If you notice any damage whatsoever, please call a technician to solve this problem for you. Old ducts that are also in disrepair can harm your whole HVAC system.
  1. Uneven temperatures in the houseThis essentially means that some of the rooms are cold while others are hot. When that happens, the ducts might not be well sized for your house. Or they could be leaking or obstructed by something. Every one of these problems means you will have to schedule an appointment with a professional HVAC team for a ductwork modification.But you’re in luck because SuperTech is the best one in the Baltimore area. So if you have any questions about a ductwork modification or if you want to schedule a session right now, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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