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We have always been very satisfied with Supertech hvac, thanks to Kenny's thorough diagnostics. Recently he fixed our hvac when no one else could... He listens to our concerns and always goes the extra mile to make sure we are aware of the situation and happy with the solution. Couldn’t be happier with his work!

---K. Marie (Google Review)
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SuperTech was absolutely the best company I have ever used from scheduling a same day appointment to having a wonderful friendly helpful technician fix the problem with our air conditioning system. I would recommend this company for everyone. Outstanding customer service and very reasonable prices for a great wonderful company.

-- Thomas F. (Google Review)
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Their professionalism and responsiveness are experienced across the company, from the receptionist to the technician who goes to the home to problem solve the challenge. It is a pleasure to encounter such impeccable level of customer care.

--Maria W. (Google Review)

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SuperTech HVAC Services Is Proud To Provide Air Conditioning And Heating Services For The Hanover Community.

Hanover, once called Hanoverville in the late 1800’s, is a suburb of the Baltimore and Washington D.C. metro area. You’ll find Hanover, Maryland in Anne Arundel County. If you do a lot of travel for business, you’ll appreciate the proximity to the BWI airport which will get you in and out quickly.

A Broad Range of Services

If you’re new to the area, here are a couple of places worth checking out, and especially if you have kids. Most people think of Arundel Mills, but consider Medieval Times Maryland Castle which can be a fun way to spend the evening. There’s also the National Electronics Museum which is great for a rainy day. Afterward, be sure to stop for a bite to eat at Timbuktu, then grab a sweet treat at Cindy Soft Serve.

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What about if you’re moving to Hanover? What should you expect weather wise? One thing to keep in mind, whether you’re a new home owner or you’ve lived here for a while is that due to the cold winters there are some things to maintain. First, make sure to seal cracks and drafts for a more efficient home. Second, make sure your furnace and heat pump are tuned-up, so they’ll be ready to go before the season. If you need a repair or even a new system, we can help you with all your HVAC needs in Hanover.

Choose Us for Your Comfort

The other thing to point out is that summers can be sticky, hot, and humid. That means that you’ll want to stay on top of your air conditioning system, to make sure that things are running smoothly. It will not only keep you more comfortable on those hot, sticky nights, but help stop the excess moisture from damaging your walls.

Maryland is a great place to raise a family. Welcome to the area, and if you need help with any HVAC services, repairs, or installations, give us a call. We’d be glad to help.

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frequantly asked questions

What Makes A Furnace Malfunction?

There’s no one answer, but there are a few areas to quickly check. For example, head to your circuit breaker box and see if it accidentally tripped. Next, check your air filter. A dirty air filter can cause problems for you. Lastly, see if the battery in your thermostat is working, and make sure it’s properly turned on.

Before I Call You, Are There Things I Can Do If My Furnace Isn’t Working?

Step 1. One thing to check is your thermostat. Make sure it’s set to “heat” and turned on.

Step 2. You’ll also want to check the furnace switch. Is it set to the “on” position?

Step 3. Check the circuit breaker. Has the furnace one been tripped?

Step 4. Have you checked that the furnace filter isn’t clogged? It might be time for a new filter.

Step 5. Is the front panel of the furnace securely closed?

Step 6. Check the gas valve. Be sure it’s set to the “on” position.

Step 7. Check to see if the air ducts are blocked.

Step 8. Is your unit still not working? It’s time to call a professional.

How Many Years Does A Furnace Last?

Depending on the type of unit you have, and the way you take care of it will alter the lifespan of your furnace. In general, an oil furnace will see about 15-25 years of life while a gas furnace gets about 15-20 years of use.

How Do You Decided When It’s Time To Replace Your Unit?

The age of your system is an important factor. You should also consider the cost of the ongoing repairs, along with the frequency of repairs. Using the $5000 rule, what we do is multiply the age by the cost of repair per year and if that is less than $5000, we recommend that you repair the unit. For example, if your furnace is 12 years old, and the repair will cost $500, multiply 12X500=6000, which is greater than 5000. In this scenario, it’s better to replace than repair.

How Much Is An Average Furnace Repair Bill?

An average bill depends on many factors. You need to consider things like labor, parts, if it’s under warranty, and what type of unit it is. That being said, an average repair bill runs right around $300. We find $170 to $500 is the range we notice the most but be aware a repair bill can run anywhere from $100 to $1200 depending on the situation.

When Should I Do My Furnace Maintenance?

Yearly, right before it’s cold. We recommend you do this to both extend the life of your furnace and to help it run more efficiently. Also, your manufacturer’s warranty may require a yearly inspection and maintenance for them to pay for any issues that arise later.

About Towson

Towson, Maryland is a large town with a population of close to 60,000 people. Towson sits just outside of Baltimore. With a charming suburban feel the convenience to Baltimore makes it a nice place to live while offering an easy commute. The town was settled in 1752, and railroad service started in 1882. lhe town itself is just over 14 square miles.

With its proximity to water, you'll find humid, muggy summers that will have you reaching for the central air conditioning. Winters are a mixed bag of wind, snow, and cold temperatures. You'll want to make sure your fumace and heat pump are in good working order!

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