SuperTech Team
Oct 23 2019

John Meyers

Its extremely rare that I take the time to write reviews. In this case I felt this could help anyone who will be making a significant purchase. I found your company to be an honest, professional, and hard working HVAC contractor who does excellent work. I had talked to three other contractors before I met with Steven. Steven, by far, took his time to explain the details and things to consider when replacing a heating and AC system. Your prices were extremely competitive. The other contractors provided estimates on bottom of the line off brand systems. Steven provided an estimate on a reputable brand system. It was an easy decision for me to go with SuperTech. As you know, I purchased an outdoor AC unit, furnace, and whole house humidifier. You went above and beyond to do the job and do it right. As you know, due to the layout of my ductwork and the lack of space in my utility room, Rick had to go back and fabricate a duct extension, then come back and install the humidifier. Unexpected additional work that your company cheerfully and professionally did just like the rest of the job. I would highly recommend your company to anyone thinking about purchasing a HVAC system.