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SuperTech HVAC Services is proud to provide Air Conditioning and Heating Services for the Nottingham community and the surrounding White Marsh, Middle River, Essex and Edgewood communities!


We at SuperTech Heating & AC are the company that customers turn to for reliable AC repairs in Nottingham, MD, and its surrounding areas. Since we opened in 2014, we have been geared to meeting your expectations and strived to achieve outstanding results consistently. We are known to deliver the resources and expertise of a larger HVAC repair company with the personal touch of a smaller one. We ensure that every technician who handles your equipment is fully qualified. Our team is well-known for being professional, trained, dedicated, and friendly. Place confidence in our proficient technicians to service units of all makes and models. We also provide both residential and commercial HVAC repairs.

Our plaudits and licenses:
  • EPA certification
  • BBB-accredited with an A+ rating
  • Best of HomeAdvisor Award recipient
  • Angie’s List Super Service Award winner

As a locally owned and operated business, we enjoy high praise from local residents for our effective solutions. Furthermore, we have also attracted attention throughout the industry. As a result, we have received plenty of certifications and accreditations as a reward for our commitment to quality.


Your air conditioner could be the only thing standing between you and unbearable conditions during a scorching hot summer. Unfortunately, even a fairly functional cooling system could experience a sudden malfunction. To avoid leaving you stranded, we at SuperTech Heating & AC promise to show up punctually with effective air conditioning repairs in the Nottingham area. Our technicians are all committed to restoring comfort for you and your family. We can also provide prompt HVAC repairs at your place of business to reduce any downtime you may suffer. With our technicians’ capabilities, no malfunction is too serious to solve. In fact, we vow to service your equipment and get it back up and running as soon as possible. Pay attention to any early signs of a potential breakdown and consider our tried-and-tested air conditioning repair solutions.

Look out for the following:
  • High humidity levels
  • Uneven temperature in rooms
  • Increasing energy bills
  • Blowing warm air


In case of an AC breakdown in the Nottingham region, we at SuperTech Heating & AC are here on standby to provide top-notch AC repairs. Do not waste any time if you have experienced a system failure. Call us today and allow our competent technicians to get to the bottom of your cooling issue. If you need services other than AC repairs, you may be interested in our top-rated AC maintenance, installations, and even heating repair services!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I need to install central air. How much will it cost?

When installing a new central air conditioning system, it will run around $3,700 to over $7,000 on average. HomeAdvisor offers a ballpark figure, but also consider that the price may vary based on not only location, but the condition of your current air ducts. You’ll also need to consider what your needs are, so you can get the proper unit for your home or building.

What size AC unit do I need to buy?

Good question! You’ll want to determine a few extra things when considering the size of a unit, but in general, the rule of thumb quoted most often is 1 ton of AC for every 50-600 square feet. The true answer though requires more information because you need to account for a lot of different things like insulation, climate, windows and doors, along with other details. The smartest thing to do is have a professional HVAC contractor use a Manual J so you get a clear answer with all these factors in mind.

Is my air conditioning unit going to last for a while? How long do they usually last for?

AC systems tend to last about 12-15 years when they’re well maintained. On that same note, a heat pump will usually see about 14 years. When it comes to older units, one thing to keep in mind is if it’s over 10 years old, consider replacing it over repairing it, otherwise it may end up being a hassle and costing you more in repairs.

The house isn’t cooling down, but the air conditioner is on. Why?

Did you know that some air conditioning problems are easily fixed? Check to see if your temperature settings are correct, and the unit is set to cool, while the fan is set to auto. Still didn’t fix it? It might be something bigger like a leak, a dirty condenser, or even faulty wiring. You could have a frozen evaporator coil or a suffocating condenser. There are a few things we can check to find your answers. Call us, today.

What can I do when there’s water leaking from my AC?

The first thing to check is to see if the drain line is clogged. A clogged condensate drain line is the most common problem. If it is, simply use a wet/dry vac and attachment, and get it cleaned off. This should help. Also, when you finish, another neat tip is to pour a small bit of vinegar down the line. This helps destroy bacteria and fungus. In turn, you can help prevent future issues.

Does my AC need to be tuned-up? When?

Air conditioners keep us comfortable when they work well. And who wants to deal with poor performing system when it’s hot and sticky out. The best way to make sure your unit is working efficiently is to service or tune it up each spring. Did you know that by not servicing it yearly, you can lose 5% efficiency each year? That goes for your heating system, too. Another way to keep your system running well is to make sure you clean out or change the air filter. We highly suggest you do this quick chore every four weeks.

About Nottingham, MD

White Marsh came into existence first, but in the 1960’s Nottingham Properties saw an opportunity to add a town to the area. It saw potential with the location as Interstate highway 95 started to take shape. The towns were created with a central point in mind, with roads leading into a town center.

Over the years, it took shape and became an area that included residential, commercial, and industrial areas. It expanded to include office and research space as well and continued to thrive. It’s proximity to easily traveled routes made it a good location for business.

In the Nottingham / White Marsh, MD area, you’ll find plenty to do. And if you have kids, then I have a few places you may want to check out. For the kids, consider ZBounce, Go-Kart Track, and Richardson Farms. The teens might enjoy White Marsh Mall, and of course, the Avenue at White Marsh has a little something for everybody.

This is handy if your new to the area, but what if you moved in during the spring and have no idea what to expect come summer? You forgot to check out the average weather expectations. You knew it was in the Mid-Atlantic area, but you had other things in mind, like packing and selling your home.

Welcome to Maryland, and know that if you’ve got a well maintained central air conditioning unit, you’ll be just fine. Yes, the summers can get humid and sticky, but nothing climate control can’t handle. Oh! We should mention that the extra moisture can be an issue with untreated wood or drywall, so make sure to keep that air conditioning unit maintained. We can help you if you need a tune-up or repair.

And because we’re a four-season climate, make sure your furnace and heat pump are in good working order for winter. It can get a little cold, windy, and snowy, but nothing you can’t handle with a well-serviced unit.

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SuperTech HVAC Services Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 4 customer reviews

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Exemplary and quick service

Review of SuperTech HVAC Services

Took care of my problem with utmost professionalism,Deep knowledge of his work and practical but best solutions

Map of Nottingham, MD

compressor replacement

Review of SuperTech HVAC Services

Rick and the other fellow were super nice, they lay a rags all over the house before they walk in I appreciate that. They did the job really well, its back up and running. Communication from the office was little poor, but everything else is great.

Map of Middle River, MD

Great and efficient service

Review of SuperTech HVAC Services

Both technicians were courteous, competent and quiet.

Map of Edgewood, MD

very professional

Review of SuperTech HVAC Services

Daniel was very knowledgeable and willing to talk me through the process. He was prompt, very thorough, and very careful to keep the house clean.

Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Arrived and performed cooling maintenance on roof top HVAC Unit.

Near Campbell Blvd, Nottingham, MD 21236
Nottingham, MD - Arrived and performed cooling maintenance on roof top HVAC Unit.
Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Came to address the issue on the AC system not running. Performed cooling maintenance on gas furnace/ac. Added refrigerant.

Near Terrace Dr, Nottingham, MD 21236
Nottingham, MD - Came to address the issue on the AC system not running. Performed cooling maintenance on gas furnace/ac. Added refrigerant.
Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Ac repair

Near Thompson Blvd, Essex, MD 21221
Essex, MD - Ac repair
Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Ac repair

Near Campbell Blvd, Middle River, MD 21220
Jerry  H.

Jerry H.

Repair to Bryant AHU

Near Sandstone Ct, Nottingham, MD 21236
Nottingham, MD - Repair to Bryant AHU
Jerry  H.

Jerry H.

PTU RUUD Split System R22

Near Pirates Ct, Edgewood, MD 21040
Edgewood, MD - PTU RUUD Split System R22
Steven Z.

Steven Z.

Working on an Air Conditioner Service for a great family in Middle River, MD.

Near Middle River Rd, Middle River, MD 21220
Middle River, MD - Working on an Air Conditioner Service for a great family in Middle River, MD.
Jerry  H.

Jerry H.

Working on an Air Conditioning Repair for a great family in Middle River, MD.

Near Graythorn Rd, Middle River, MD 21220
Middle River, MD - Working on an Air Conditioning Repair for a great family in Middle River, MD.
Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Working on a Heat Pump Service for a great family in Essex, MD.

Near Foxcroft Ln, Essex, MD 21221
Essex, MD - Working on a Heat Pump Service for a great family in Essex, MD.