Roof Top Unit Installation in Ellicott City, Lutherville-Timonium, Baltimore, MD and the Surrounding Areas

Roof Top Unit Installation in Ellicott City, MDRoof top unit installation in Ellicott City, MD and the surrounding areas needs to be handled by an HVAC professional. This is the number one piece of advice we always give our clients. A licensed professional is the only person who can make sure the job is done in a correct and safe fashion. So, what do you, as a home or building owner need to know? Here are a few things.

· How accessible is your roof?

Since this is a roof top unit, the place where it’s supposed to go is pretty obvious. But it’s your job to ensure the path to the roof is clear and safe for the technicians. Not only will it be easier for them to climb up and down but the job will be a lot faster this way!

· The climate in your area

Take into account the weather you have because your unit, being an outside one, will be exposed to the elements at all times. Therefore, if you live in an area that gets a lot of heat, you will need to see to the unit a lot more than usual because of the direct sunlight hitting it.

· You might need permission to install it

Landscaping usually requires permits from your city council even if you own the house you live in. Therefore, you might need to require such a permit before installing a large roof top unit on your house. The best thing to do is ask before you proceed. That way, you won’t be sorry!

· Increasing or decreasing the value of your property

That’s right! A roof top unit could both increase and decrease the value of your house. It might increase it if it’s a new unit that has the potential to lower the bills and protect the environment. However, if it’s an old unit that has a low efficiency level and pollutes, it will decrease the house’s value.

Do you have any questions about what you’ve just read or about a roof top replacement in Ellicott City, MD? Schedule a meeting with us or give us a call and we can work out all the details together!