Rooftop Unit Replacement in Baltimore, Lutherville-Timonium, Ellicott City, MD, and Surrounding Areas

Rooftop Unit Replacement In Baltimore, MDRooftop unit replacement – three words that, most likely, sound a bit harsh or even scary. HVAC equipment is pricey, the process of replacing the unit in itself is not necessarily a walk in the park, but guess what? It has a lot of benefits that you might not have been aware of! Plus, if you’re in the hands of the right HVAC professionals, the job will be smooth as silk and save you a lot of unpleasant consequences.

Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Rooftop Unit

We typically differentiate between two distinct circumstances when people think about replacing their rooftop AC. The first one is emergency replacement. This happens when the old one has completely broken down. The second situation is planned replacement. The latter requires you to schedule ahead of time and be proactive about the entire process. Let’s take a look at a set of indicators for both situations.

1. Your rooftop’s life expectancy

A rooftop unit is usually designed to live and work in optimum conditions between 15 and 20 years. However, it’s important to note here that this is just an average number. It can decrease drastically if the rooftop unit has been affected by such things as lightening, storms, snow and ice. Its life span will also go down if you don’t maintain it properly. However, speaking broadly, if you happen to know that your rooftop unit is reaching the 15 to 20 year mark, address a qualified HVAC professional. We at SuperTech have dedicated people who are just one phone call away from helping you!

2. A reduction in performance

Of course, your unit’s age is not the only criterion you should be looking at. If you notice that your rooftop AC is beginning to act more poorly than ever, this is a clear sign it needs to be replaced. Here are some clues that it’s not behaving in a normal fashion, for example, it heats and cools inconsistently.

3. You must meet new environmental requirements

Old refrigerants that used to be common and installed years ago are not considered environmentally friendly anymore. Apart from that, they are becoming harder and harder to find which might constitute into a problem for you. Not to mention how pricey they are. Building owners must now meet environmental requirements and that means your rooftop unit as well. If you’ve had it for 20 years and counting, you can be sure you will have to change it.

4. When the cost of repairing it is too much for your budget

Here’s some simple math for you based on the above. As we’ve already mentioned, when a rooftop unit gets closer and closer to the end of its runtime, it will start to break down a lot more. You might have already noticed that yourself. Therefore, you might think that repairing it every time costs less than replacing it with a new one.

However, when you add up all the bills you’ve paid every time it broke down, how much did you spend? If the total sum cost you more than 50 percent of what a new unit should cost, than you need to go for a rooftop unit replacement.

5. If your utility bills are going up

Newer models in the rooftop unit range are a lot more energy efficient than their older counterparts. As a matter of fact, studies show that they are up to 60% more efficient than models that were produced, sold, and installed a mere 10 years ago. Therefore, the conclusion is extremely simple here. The older your rooftop unit is, the more money you’re paying on your bills.

What Is the Price of Replacing a Rooftop Unit?

The price of a rooftop unit replacement will depend on the type of unit you choose as well as what brand you want. The best idea would be to get an estimate from a professional team to see exactly what your HVAC needs are. You can also work with them on finding the best brand and model for your building or office space as they have a lot of knowledge in this area.

How Long Does It Take to Replace a Rooftop Unit?

You’ll be happy to find out that it actually doesn’t take that long to replace a rooftop unit. The best thing about the whole process is that seeing as it’s located on your roof, it allows for easy access to the unit itself and no clutter to slow the team down.

Is Rooftop Unit Replacement a DIY Job?

Simply put, it is not a DIY job for so many reasons. First of all, please consider the fact that this piece of equipment sits on your roof at high altitude from where you could fall and hurt yourself. Second of all, all HVAC components run on electricity at high voltage and use strong chemicals that, if handled incorrectly, can harm you greatly.

Please do not treat such a delicate job as a DIY project even if you find tutorials online that teach you how to do it. Professionals who are willing to help you are just a call away and your new rooftop unit can be safely replaced in a matter of hours!

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