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Types of Thermostats – Which One Do I Need?

Thermostats In Baltimore, MDThermostats in Baltimore, Lutherville-Timonium, Ellicott City, MD and the surrounding areas are quite an interesting topic. At least we think so. But since you’re reading this, we’ve got the hunch you need a thermostat and you don’t quite know which one to choose. Therefore, we made a quick guide to walk you through the different types of thermostats available on the market.

What Types of Thermostats Are There?

  1. Non-programmable thermostats
    Yes, non-programmable thermostats still exist. We know, it’s difficult to believe since we now live in a world with foldable phones and supermarkets with no cashiers. But here we are. They have an LED display and a few buttons that allow you to set the temperature up and down.
    These thermostats are meant for people who are opposed to technology or are just fond of a simpler time. We also have gramophones for those people. We joke, of course. The great thing about them is that they’re very affordable.
  2. Programmable Thermostats
    The twin of the one above, programmable thermostats allow you to choose and preset a temperature for each part of the day. But you still have to press those little plastic buttons a few tens of times to get to what you want. It’s ok. You can listen to the gramophone while you do it.
  3. Touch Screen Thermostat
    This version gets rid of buttons altogether which makes it a lot simpler to use and to keep clean for that matter. They also eliminate errors because if you pressed the wrong button on one of the above, you had to start all over again. Touch screen is simple. They also have all the information you need right on the screen, making flipping through huge manuals pointless.
    However, be aware that some touch screen thermostats are quite small are were not designed for large hands or fingers. Others may have very complicated interfaces that take a while to get used to.
  4. Wireless Thermostat
    These are more expensive but they give you the freedom to control your HVAC system remotely. They will also help you save a lot of money on your bills because you can step in and manage your unit when you’re not at home or if something bad happens.

If you have any more questions about thermostats we would be happy to answer them. Just give us a call or schedule an appointment with one of our technicians using the contact information at the top of the page!