Why Is My AC Blowing Warm Air & Should I Be Worried About it?

Picture this. It’s an incredibly hot day in the middle of summer. You turn the AC on. You can hear it working in the background as you go about your business as usual. But, instead of getting cooler, it starts to get progressively warmer. You go to check things out and realize it’s blowing warm air instead of cold. What should I do about it and why is my AC blowing warm air? Here’s what you need to know!

DIY Solutions

Yes, as frustrating as that might be at first, there is no need to panic. The air conditioner blowing warm air doesn’t necessarily mean it’s broken down or that you need to rush out and buy a new one altogether. In fact, with a little patience, you might even be able to solve it on your own.
Here are some simple problems you can check for as well as some easy DIY solution you can try on your own for the AC blowing warm air.

Check The Thermostat Setting

There’s no simpler way of putting this than saying that, sometimes, you just forget that you need to change the setting on your thermostat from warm to cool. Therefore, when the air conditioner comes on, you get surprised by the warm air. Hence, before you panic, check this most easiest of tasks!

But don’t sweat over it, though! Pun intended. Things like this happen all the time. Just set a reminder in your calendar to switch it back to cold before the hot season starts and you should be good to go! Remember that the thermostat must be set to COOL. Your fan should be on AUTO. Evidently, the temperature you set must always be lower than the temperature of the air

Air Filters Might Be Clogged

Here’s how this works. When the air filters in your air conditioner get completely clogged by debris or dust, air cannot enter the system anymore. If that happens, than the coils inside won’t be able to remove the heat. As a consequence, the air conditioner’s system will end up blowing all the heat right back into the room.

But there’s a simple solution to that. Clean your air filters regularly! Depending on the type of air conditioner you have, they might need to be cleaned and put back in or replaced altogether once every three months or once a year.

Return Vents Might Be Blocked Or Closed

Here’s a question for the common home or building owner such as yourself. Could it be that the vent grilles got closed during the cold season and you forgot to open them? Another possibility is that some furniture was placed in front of them without realizing it is an obstruction.

The simplest way to deal with it is doing a visual inspection. Make sure all your returns are open and that the air can flow as freely as possible.

Outdoor Unit Is Losing Power

Sometimes, the condenser unit of your air conditioner might have a blown fuse or even a tripped circuit breaker. This could be causing it to lose power. However, please do not attempt to handle it on your own because the high voltage is very dangerous.

What you can do is check your emergency shutoff switch and see if hasn’t been cutoff. If it has, then the outdoor unit might not be getting any power, causing the AC to expel only warm air.

Call Professionals For These Problems

Speaking of things you shouldn’t attempt on your own, let’s take a look at a series of problems that occur with ACs and that require you to call an HVAC technician.

Ducts Might Be Faulty

Simply put, if your ducts are faulty, meaning they have holes or cracks or may even be entirely disconnected, than the return air cannot find its way back to the unit. On the other hand, the cool air could just get wasted in your attic or a crawl space, forcing your AC blowing warm air instead of cold.

It’s the time to call in a professional who can inspect what condition your ducts are in. He can determine how to get your whole system running again in no time!

Condenser Coils Might Be Dirty

Your condenser unit is the one responsible for releasing all the heat outside. However, that cannot happen if the coils are all dirty and grimy or have a buildup of leaves on them. Because your system cannot cool off as it should, please refer this situation to a professional who can clean your condenser coils for you.

Refrigerant Or Freon Might Be Leaking

Let’s get serious for a hot sec. This is under no circumstance something you should handle on your own. If you notice that the refrigerant or Freon might be leaking out of your AC unit, please do not go near it or touch it. These are strong chemicals that will harm you.

At the same time, please don’t add more substance without having fixed the leak to begin with. Call your HVAC technician who is the only one qualified to handle this situation!

Evaporator Coils Might Be Frozen

Here’s a head scratcher for you. The evaporator coils are covered in ice so why is my AC blowing warm air? Because the coils themselves are blocking the cold air from coming into the room. What actually flows in is the heat off the motor which is definitely not welcome on a hot summer day.

You can, of course, turn it off and then back on again – the old joke – so that the coils have some time to thaw. However, if you find that didn’t work, please contact a professional!

Wiring Might Be Faulty

There should be no need to mention that if you spot wires coming out of the unit or wires that are damaged or frayed you should never touch them or try to fix them on your own. There is only one way to deal with this – call the AC company who can take care of this very delicate situation for you!

In fact, why don’t you call us? SuperTech is ready to help you whether your problem is your AC blowing warm air or with anything else for that matter! Please call us today at or contact us through our website to get an estimate or schedule service! Also, you can have a look at our Facebook page. We’re here for you!

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