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Why should my AC be serviced?

It's a given that when you use your air conditioner, you'll have it working in high temperatures and increased humidity. However, over time your air conditioner can develop a series of issues that are normal for any appliance that is frequently used, especially in these conditions. This means that if your air conditioner is not working properly, it will not only affect your unit, but also how efficiently it operates. This means you might end up paying more on your bills than you should, yikes!

So, if you hire a professional HVAC technician to service your air conditioner, you can be sure your unit is in good shape for the season and that you are lowering your electric bills. Other benefits of having your AC serviced include extending the life of your unit and detecting issues that you might not have known existed, which may have caused your AC to break down.

The air conditioning technicians from SuperTech Heating & AC could extend the life of your cooling system in Baltimore. During your maintenance tune-up, we’ll get each part of your unit cleaned out completely so that energy transfer can be maximized. Every part will be examined to ensure that there aren’t any worn-out or broken pieces that could cause an issue. If we find a problem, we can offer advice on how to get it fixed. Your best interests will always be kept in mind.

Check Out How Your HVAC Technician Will Increase Your Air Conditioner's Efficiency: 

  • Check the refrigerant levels. If you run out of refrigerant, the AC could stop working at any time, which is not something you want on a hot day.
  • Clean the condenser coils to make sure they are working efficiently. The condenser coils gather dirt which inadvertently acts as a natural form of insulation that stops the heat from getting transferred. This would be the job that the coils have to do. Therefore, the entire unit will work a lot harder and use more energy than it should.
  • Check the capacitors and ensure they have not worn out. You can think of the capacitors inside your AC as small batteries which keep its motor running. If they fail, naturally, the motor will stop running as well. Moreover, if the AC itself tries to run with broken capacitors, it could get damaged permanently.
  • Inspect the service valves for any signs of leakage. An HVAC inspector will try to locate any place through which the refrigerant might be escaping the unit.
  • Calibrate the thermostat. It needs to be perfectly synced so that you can have total control over the temperature in your house.
  • Check the air filters. If they are dirty or clogged, the technician has to clean or replace them. If not, dirty air filters can contaminate the air in your home.

To learn more about our AC company and the services we offer in Baltimore, call us today or schedule online

What warning signs occur when your AC needs additional attention ?

Check out below!

Exceeding Expectations.

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Daniel did a fantastic job at thoroughly
evaluating my entire AC system. He was able to
answer all of my questions and was very
informative with every explanation. This was
probably one of the best service calls I have ever
received. Well done for how they setup their
technicians for success.

---Matthew K. (Nearby Now)
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I just had Phil at my home to do a yearly
maintenance service on my hvac system and he
was great, on time, respectful, knowledge. Phil
and the team in the office are Great! Thank you
so much for how you treat your customers.
Definitely telling my neighbors and friends about
this company. GREAT JOB GUYS!

-- Bahi M. (Google)
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I liked that the technician communicated everything he was doing and thinking, throughout the process. A+!

--Tim S. (Home Advisor)


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Signs Your AC Needs to be Serviced 

AC Blowing Hot Air

Not Warm Enough

Not Cool Enough

Strange Noises

Unusual Sounds

Furnace Odors

Strange Smells

High Utility Bills

Outrageous Utility Bills 

Furnace Leaking Water

Ac Leaking Water

Your AC keeps you comfortable—but only if it’s working properly.

Brush Up On Your AC Knowledge.

What is included in AC servicing?

Check and test controls. Assess the cleanliness of filters, blower wheel, evaporator coils and condenser coils. Replace or clean the air filter. Check and test electrical parts. Measure the volts, and amps of compressors, and motors. Measure pressures, superheat and subcool. Check and test safety switches. Inspect drainage and treat any growth in the drain plan. Evaluate temperature split. Assess the air flow. 

How much does it cost to service an AC Unit?

An extensive AC tune up by SuperTech HVAC costs $179, which lasts about 2 hours. If there are any repairs needed, they would cost more. How much more will depend on the repairs needed.

How often should my AC be serviced?

Maintaining your air conditioner at least once a year is the best way to ensure it works well in the summer. Furthermore, you should change filters at regular intervals, for example, every 30 days.

Is it necessary to service AC every year?

It is not mandatory; however, you should. Over time, dust and debris accumulate inside your AC system, causing it to lose 5 percent in efficiency each year. This results in higher utility bill. Regular maintenance is also critical to keep the AC manufacturer’s warranty from becoming void.

Could I service AC myself?

Many homeowners are capable of changing their filters themselves. Some maintenance can be done by a savvy homeowner, for example, examining the thermostat split and testing controls and switches.Some homeowner maintenance needs special equipment and EPA certification, such as to handle refrigerant or assess the air flow. Therefore, it is highly recommended that an expert technician performs AC maintenance on the system periodically.

Should I get a service plan for my AC?

It’s usually a good idea to get a service plan because you would save money. This plan also includes two free maintenance visits, one in the spring for your AC and one in the fall for your heating system. The two tune-up visits alone cost more than the service plan. You also get 20% off repairs, 10% off new systems, diagnostic fee waived for repairs, and priority scheduling.

We’re here to help you relax 

Suffering in the heat of your home or office during an hot summer day without air conditioning sounds like a nightmare; luckily there's SuperTech HVAC! Our company offers professional maintenance at affordable rates so you never have to worry again. And if something goes wrong? That's where we come in. We offer a maintenance plan designed specifically for the benefit of our customers. 

Savings Club Perks

  • 1 free maintenance visit every year for your heating and cooling system
  • No diagnostic fee if something is wrong with your heating and cooling system
  • priority scheduling
  • 20% OFF all repairs
  • 10% OFF all new system installations
  • Maintenance reminder from us so that you don’t have to worry about keeping a schedule yourself on your unit
  • A written report after each maintenance visit from our technician.

Our AC maintenance team in Baltimore, MD is waiting to help you with all your needs. We can handle everything from repairs and installations to routine tuning-ups that will keep your system running smoothly year round! Don't delay - contact us today for more information about how we'll care for your AC system.

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