When the time comes to service your AC, SuperTech HVAC Services provides air conditioning service in Baltimore, Lutherville-Timonium, Ellicott City, MD and surrounding areas. Every homeowner knows what it’s like to have a long list of household to-do’s. It might be challenging keeping up with it all, but servicing your air conditioner should certainly be on the list. Our air conditioning service will keep your air conditioner system running year-round. Contact the professional at SuperTech HVAC Services for all your air conditioning service needs.

The SuperTech Advantage

Air Conditioning Service In Baltimore, MD

We founded this company because we felt a need to provide the kind of personal service that’s meant to be provided across the board. We are proud to meet the comfort needs of our community by providing high-quality, personalized service. You can trust us to provide a high level of service because we value each of our customers.

We Know Heating And Cooling Systems

Our technicians have years of installation and service experience across all brands. We service central heating and air systems for all customers both commercial and residential. Our factory trained techs have the experience and know-how to provide top quality service every time.

Advantages Of Having Your AC Serviced

Not only do regularly-serviced air conditioning units stay functioning properly, but you’ll also save money on you energy bill since a tune-up keeps it energy efficient. Energy efficiency also means more environmentally friendly. Having your AC serviced also keeps you within the terms of your warranty, since most AC manufacturers won’t replace a machine that you haven’t been servicing regularly.

Professional, High-Quality Service

When you need AC maintenance, you can rest assured that the technicians at SuperTech HVAC are the best fo the job. All of our techs are factory trained, bonded, and licensed to perform maintenance on all air conditioner models. They collectively have years of experience making service calls across our community. We’ll make sure you understand what work we do on your unit and also address any concerns you might have. Our friendly professionals have your best interest in mind.

Importance Of Regular AC Service in Baltimore

If you own a newer, high-efficiency heating and cooling system, you can potentially save a lot of money. However, the effectiveness of the system will decrease over time if you don’t keep it regularly maintained. By servicing your AC regularly it will save you money on your electricity bill. It also keeps you within the agreement of your warranty. Moreover, you will avoid costly repairs that could have been prevented by regular maintenance.

Locally Owned And Operated

Our company was founded with the idea that a professional HVAC service should be personalized and friendly. That’s why we’re enthusiastic about offering air conditioner maintenance in Baltimore, Lutherville-Timonium, Ellicott City, MD and surrounding areas. Community is important to us, and we’ve been serving the comfort needs of our community for years. We would be happy to have you as our next happy customer.

What to Expect for An AC Service?

  1. The HVAC technician checks the refrigerant levels. If you run out of refrigerant, the AC could stop working at any time, which is not something you want on a hot day.
  2. Clean the condenser coils to make sure they are working efficiently. The condenser coils gather dirt which inadvertently acts as a natural form of insulation that stops the heat from getting transferred. This would be the job that the coils have to do. Therefore, the entire unit will work a lot harder and use more energy than it should.
  3. Check the capacitors and ensure they have not worn out. You can think of the capacitors inside your AC as small batteries which keep its motor running. If they fail, naturally, the motor will stop running as well. Moreover, if the AC itself tries to run with broken capacitors, it could get damaged permanently.
  4. Inspect the service valves for any signs of leakage. An HVAC inspector will try to locate any place through which the refrigerant might be escaping the unit.
  5. Calibrate the thermostat. It needs to be perfectly synced so that you can have total control over the temperature in your house.
  6. Check the air filters. If they are dirty or clogged, the technician has to clean or replace them. If not, dirty air filters can contaminate the air in your home.

How Important An Air Conditioner Inspection Is

Using your air conditioner every summer means putting it at work through high temperatures and increased humidity. Even though you don’t notice it, as time goes by, your AC can develop a series of issues that are normal for any appliance working under such conditions on an everyday basis.

The problem occurs when you realize that this affects your unit as a whole but also how efficient it is. Which means that if the air conditioner is not working properly, you might actually end up paying more on your bills than you should.

Therefore, if you decide to have your air conditioner inspected by a professional HVAC technician, you can rest assured there is nothing wrong with your unit and that you are saving money on your electrical bills.

Among other benefits of going for an air conditioner inspection, you will also find that you can extend the life of your unit as well as discover issues that you might not have known were there. Which could have caused your entire AC to breakdown.

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