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The Importance of Servicing Your Heating System

In the winter, investing in your HVAC system will ensure that you have a warm and cozy home. The heating system is complex with many working parts just like your car! Just as cars need regular maintenance to run smoothly so do heaters. Skipping on this can result in 5% less efficiency every year which results:

•increased utility bills,
•Inconsistent warm air,
•more frequent repairs,
•and early system failure.

Keeping your HVAC equipment in excellent condition is important, especially for homeowners who use their system frequently. Without regular maintenance and cleaning, the parts of these systems wear out more quickly than they would otherwise. Additionally, it's often during maintenance when you'll discover any small issues that could turn into very expensive problems if not caught early on. By keeping up with routine maintenance appointments each year, you can prevent late-notice repairs from happening at all, while also reducing energy bills. 

But proper maintenance can feel like a drag at times; who wants another thing added onto their already busy schedule? However, just because it may seem tedious doesn't mean you should neglect your heating system's upkeep. Don’t fret over the cost or consistency of comfort ever again when you enroll in our Savings Club Gold Membership. We have designed a maintenance plan for our clients that is tailored to maintain and tune up their HVAC systems without them having to do a single thing. Not only that, but the Savings Club Gold Membership comes with many other advantages that you can discover below!

Savings Club Gold Membership

  • 2 Free annual maintenance visits. 1 for heating, 1 for cooling
  • Waive $99 diagnostic fee for repairs
  • 20% discount on repairs
  • 10% off Indoor Air Quality upgrades
  • Membership Fee Credit Towards System Replacement (up to $1,000)
  • Automatic maintenance reminder
  • Priority scheduling
  • Written maintenance report
  • Transferable 

Think of how much money you'll save on your energy bill every month by having a membership to the HVAC maintenance program. And it's less than what you'd pay for two recommended, annual visits from our experts!

*Excludes oil furnace, oil boiler, steam boiler

Eventually everyone will need to deal with an aging HVAC system. When you need heating installation, repair, or a maintenance visit in Baltimore, you can count on the experienced team at SuperTech Heating & AC, so call us today. Not looking for heating services? We also offer highly rated cooling services for Baltimore and the surrounding areas!

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People Appreciate SuperTech HVAC

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Service Tech was extremely clear and helpful, gave sound advice about frequency of maintenance and carbon monoxide safety

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The team at SuperTech is honest, reliable, and extremely professional and they make life easy for you. If you are looking for an HVAC company to help you out, just call these guys.

--John C. (Google)
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Charlie was super professional, pleasant to work with & knowledgeable- explained things very well.

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Common Signs that Your Furnace Needs Maintenance:

Furnace Blowing Cool Air

Not Warm Enough

Not Warm Enough

Strange Noises

Strange Noises

Furnace Odors

Furnace Odors

High Utility Bills

High Utility Bills

Furnace Leaking Water

Furnace Leaking Water

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Burning Questions🔥🔥🔥

What is a Heating Tune-Up?

A heating tune up, also referred to as heating maintenance, is a service that ensures your furnace and other heating systems are running at their best. Tune-ups typically include inspection and cleaning or replacing parts as needed for optimal performance. A tune-up can help increase efficiency, extend the life of your system, and reduce the risk of breakdowns that could leave you without heat in the middle of winter. 

What Does Furnace Maintenance include?

Furnace maintenance, or a heating tune-up, includes a cleaning of your heating system and a number of tests to ensure that your furnace is running at peak efficiency. These include cleaning the blower, motor and other parts in the system with compressed air, checking the burner and flame sensor, examining the heat exchanger, checking all connections to ensure they are tight and secure, cleaning or changing the air filter. Your heating technician will also make sure your thermostat is functioning properly. 

How Much Does Furnace Maintenance Cost? 

A Premium Tune- Up is $179 and includes an inspection of your entire heating system. After the cold winter months, maintenance will help your furnace run efficiently and perform at its best. It is a great investment that will save you money in the long run!

How Often Should I Have My Furnace Serviced?

You don’t need to have your heater looked at more than once a year. The best time to call one of our professionally trained technicians is during the autumn months. This will give enough time for a thorough check of your system to make sure it’s working when the winter comes. Any repairs that need to be done will also be finished one time, giving you the assurance that you’ll stay warm and toasty inside as the temperatures drop outside.

What Maintenance Should I Do On My Furnace?

Furnace maintenance can be dealt with both by you and by the professionals. This means that there are some simpler tasks which you can take on your own. But there are also complicated procedures that require an HVAC professional to come to your house. Calling in a pro will save you a lot of time and effort.

What You Can Do:

  1. Check the air filters every 30 days to make sure they are clean.
  2. Replace the batteries in your CO and smoke detectors every year or as often as it is needed.
  3. Test your CO and smoke detectors to make sure they are working properly.
  4. Seal all the air leaks in your house. Don’t forget about the attic! If you have any air leaks, they will make your furnace work a lot harder than it should.

Our Experts Look Out For Your Well Being.

Your heating system is a major investment. It deserves to be maintained regularly for optimum performance and safety. And if you’re like most people, your HVAC system is probably an afterthought. But it shouldn’t be!

Proper maintenance and upkeep of your heating unit can save you a lot in the long run. No matter what type of heating service or repair that we provide for you, our team will always put safety first. That means if there are any signs of trouble with your system, we won't hesitate to recommend preventive measures before things get worse. With every visit from us, we'll make sure to give your unit a thorough inspection so it's running as efficiently and reliably as possible all year round—and never costing more than necessary on energy bills! And in the event it’s time for a replacement, we will get you set up with our Comfort Adviser for a free estimate on the best heating solution for your home or business.

Don't delay your comfort any longer. Get advice from our experts when you contact us today here!

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