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What Are The Benefits Of UV Lights?

UV light is incredibly powerful, but not all Ultraviolet (UV) light bands are the same. UV doesn't just darken the skin and leave sun burns, but it can also be used for killing germs. In 1903 Niels Finsen won the Nobel prize for his discovery of using Ultraviolet Light (UV) as a treatment for tuberculosis patients; this was one of the first uses we had seen with it. 

Nowadays there is research being performed which shows how well-suited UVs can be when disinfecting hospital rooms or HVAC systems. The first study was conducted in 2012 at the Duke University Medical Center. With the use of UV lights, researchers eliminated 97% of bacteria that were resistant to drugs in 50 hospital rooms. Another study was conducted in a commercial office building for over 4 months. At the end of the study, researchers found that the levels of fungi after using UV lights were far lower than those in air handler units.

UV lights are often not considered when installing a new HVAC system, but they can be a great addition to any home. UV lights kill bacteria and viruses that may have built up in your air ducts over time. This is especially important for homes with kids or pets, as these things are more likely to spread harmful pathogens around your house. Installing them on the exterior of your home will also help keep pollen and other allergens from entering through vents while you sleep! It's an easy way to protect yourself without having to use chemicals or filters that could potentially harm you in some way.

UV Lights & Your HVAC System

  • Keeps the coils clean therefore improving your unit’s cooling efficiency and lowering your bills on electricity.
  • Stops the growth of algae in drain lines- which prevents the drain lines from clogging.
  • Keeps germs, bacteria, and viruses out of the HVAC system so that you don’t get flu and colds.
  • Controls the growth of mold
  • Reduces the foul odors

What are signs a UV Light could improve your home comfort? Check out below!

People Rave About SuperTech HVAC

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We had an Air Scrubber with UV Air Purifier installed into our home HVAC system. Steven was very informative and professional about other ways we could not only increase our indoor air quality but ways to maintain that air quality as well. I would recommend that if you want to increase the quality of your indoor air don't hesitate to engage SuperTech HVAC Services.

---Frederick K. (Google)
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Kennedy was a most competent, industrious, and knowledgeable technician. Would've watched him more than I did except that I wanted to stay out of his way. He is quite an ambassador for the Air Scrubber Plus. Glad I have it and that he was the installer. He really seemed to know what he was doing.

--- John (Nearby Now)
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Great service and knowledgeable professional technician.

--- Nataliya (Nearby Now)


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Common Clues That You Have Bad Indoor Air Quality:

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Answers From An Indoor Air Quality Expert:

Is Their A Difference Between Air Filtration And Air Purifier 

Yes! All of them share the ability to eliminate potentially harmful airborne elements. UV air purifiers, however, also eliminate bacteria, germs, and mold. Filtration is responsible for the harmful particles in the air.

What Are The Types Of UV Light For HVAC Systems?

There are two different types of UV lights for Duct System:
Coil sterilization – these UV lights come in the shape of ‘sticks’ and are placed in the return air duct.
Air sterilization – as opposed to ‘stick’ ones, these are complete UV lights which will sterilize the air that moves.

What is an Air Scrubber?

The Air Scrubber uses UV light to remove up to 99.9% of all germs and bacteria; it significantly relieves allergies and reduces the risk of getting colds, the flu, or infections.

The Air Scrubber was created by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The goal was to create a safe breathing environment for the astronauts on the International Space Station. As the project was so successful, this technology has become available for residential use since 2013. The Air Scrubber efficiently eliminates contaminants such as Staph, Strep, Listeria, Avian bird flu virus, E.coli, Norovirus, and others.

How Does The Air Scrubber Work?

  • The Air Scrubber will be installed for you by our professional team directly into the forced air duct of your HVAC system. 
  • Once you turn your HVAC system on, the air in your house will start floating through the AirScrubber’s titanium dioxide-coated honeycomb matrix. The technology the device uses is based on strong UV lights that don’t just trap air pollutants like air filters do. They zap them until they are terminated. It is the only way to get rid safely of mites and mold, the agents that cause irritations, allergies, and colds.
  • Once the contaminants have been killed using the Air Scrubber’s UV lights, with the help of the ActivePure™ technology, they will be transformed into oxidizers. These are what we call ‘scrubbers,’ hence the name of the device.
  • The oxidizers or scrubbers are then released back into the air to eliminate all the pathogen agents floating through the atmosphere or lying on the surfaces of your house. They are extremely effective in eliminating every kind of pathogen, from mold and bacteria to fungi, pet dander, smoke, foul smells, and microscopic germs.

Do Ultraviolet Lights Need Maintenance?

After you have installed your UV light with the help of a professional, you need to think about maintaining it as well. On average, a stick light bulb can last a little over a year or some 9000 hours.If you want to replace them, you will have to pay for the bulb.

However, if you decide to include this in your annual maintenance plan / saving club membership provided by your favorite HVAC company, this will turn out to be both effortless and money-saving. Therefore, let us know if an UV light installation as well as maintaining it is on your list of priorities. SuperTech has some amazing plans that you can benefit from if you contact us to find out more details. So send us an email or call right now!

How Much Does It Cost To get UV Light Installed?

Installation of UV light varies depending on the size of your space and how many HVAC units you have. For residential use, the average cost is around $1,300. You should keep in mind that this technology runs off electricity so it will slightly raise your energy bill by an additional $15-$30 per year. And just like any other bulb or lamp in a home though you'll need to replace this component occasionally as well - usually every 9-14 months for most cases!

Healthy & Easy Solutions

Your HVAC system is the lifeblood of your home. It keeps you and your family comfortable, cool in summer and warm in winter. We know that having a properly-operating HVAC can keep you healthy too but did you know that UV lights are one of the best ways to protect it? That’s because they help guard against bacteria growth which can cause illness for those inside or outside your house!

You deserve to live in a healthy environment – one where you don’t have to worry about allergens or pollutants ruining your day. With these solutions from Supertech HVAC, it doesn’t matter if you live in an old house or new condo - we can make sure that every room has clean air! We offer indoor air quality solutions to make your home more comfortable and healthy. Our products are designed to improve the air quality in your home by removing pollutants like dust, bacteria, viruses, pollen, pet dander and other allergens. 

If this sounds like something you might need then give us a call or schedule online here with our experts who would love to come out and assess how we could get started protecting your health and improving your comfort.

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