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 water heater leaking water

What Should I Do If My Water Heater Is Leaking Water?

When your water heater needs fixing, remember that SuperTech HVAC Services specializes in water heater repair in Baltimore, Lutherville-Timonium, Ellicott City, MD and surrounding areas. As with any other appliance in your home or office, constant use of your water heater over time will cause it to start having a few problems here and there. When those issues arise, you should call the best company in town to help you take care of those issues. SuperTech HVAC Services is that company.

One of the most common problems that people deal with is a leaking water heater. A leaking water heater requires action immediately!

Here is what you can do when you notice your water heater leaking water:

1. Disconnect The Power

First thing is first. Turn off the power source and water supply. 

Electric Water Heater

Flip the circuit breaker to OFF

Gas Water Heater

There is a dedicated gas shut off valve on the gas line leading to the tank, near the base of the water heater.

2. Figure Out Where The Leak Is Coming From

  • Condensation- Verify that the moisture is indeed a leak and not condensation. Condensation is nothing to sweat! It just means your water heater is very hot, while the room it's in is fairly cold.  
  • Leaking from top- Cracks at the top of the tank are less common but still possible. More common reasons for leaking from the top are bad inlet and outlet connections, loose T&P valves, or anode rod corrosion.
  • Leaking from bottom- This could result from a loose drain valves, which is a simple repair, or it could be a crack inside the tank. If you have a crack in the tank you need a water heater replacement.  
  • Undetermined location- Just because there is water pooling at the base of the water heater, it does not mean the leak stems from that location. If you have a crack or leak inside the tank you will be unable to see it.

3. Shut Off The Water Supply

Your water heater tank should have a dedicated shutoff valve on the cold supply pipe. On the top of the water heater there will be two pipes; one will be warm and the other will be cool to the touch. On some water heaters they are distinguished by red and blue. The cold pipe is the supply water line to the water heater. There will be a shut off valve on the cold supply pipe. That is what you shut off.

4. Clean Up The Water

Water can warp structures, damage belongings, attract insects, and grow mold. It's important to clean up a water leak as soon as you are aware of it!   

5. Call A Professional

The only thing more dangerous than a water heater is the person who handles them. The natural gas in these appliances has been known to explode, and electric water heaters are high voltage equipment. Don't forget the scalding hot water that's involved!

You should always get you water heater checked out and repaired by a professional. You won't know the severity of the issue until an expert can diagnosis your water heater.

Learn more about what causes your hot water heater to leak and what you can do about it here!

What are signs you have a problem with your water heater?

Check out below!

People Are On Fire For SuperTech 

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Rick & Ryan were fantastic explained each step as they were installing our new water heater. Work always done on time and correct HIGHLY recommend Super Tech HVAC services for any work needing done .

---Robert G. (NearBy Now)
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The diagnosis was quick and accurate. He patiently explained to us what the cause of the problem was and what needed to be done to fix. The quoted price was very reasonable. On a side note, he wore shoe coverings to protect our flooring and did a great job cleaning up afterwards. Overall, the job was done very professionally, well exceeding our expectations. We could not have been happier.

--Dingxin L. (Home Advisor)
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Great service all around. My tech Daniel was very informative and finished the job quickly.

-- John (Nearby Now)


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Common Signs that Your Water Heater Needs Repair

discolored water

Discolored Water

Not Warm Enough

No Hot Water

Strange Noises

Strange Noises From Water Heater

Furnace Odors

Musty Odors 

High Utility Bills

High Utility Bills

water heater leaked water

Water Heater Leaking Water

Life is Easier with a superTech Water Heater Repair

Boiling Questions:

Why is my water heater leaking ?

There are several reason that lead to your water heater leaking water, such as, broken drain valves, loose water line connections, broken pressure valves, and corrosion. You can deter these issues by scheduling annual water heater maintenance. Learn more about why your water heater is leaking, what do to, and how to prevent it here!

What is the lifespan of a water heater ? 

Generally speaking, water heaters have an average lifespan of eight to 13 years. Size, design, installation quality, frequency of maintenance, and water quality all affect the longevity of the unit.

Is a leaking water heater Dangerous ?

If your water heater is leaking,  you need to call a professional immediately! There is no way to tell if it is dangerous unless it is checked out by a professional. If the T&P relief valve on your tank has started releasing pressure, then this could be extremely dangerous. Your high-pressure system (which includes gas or electric) might break down or explode,  as well as potentially causing other problems like escalation in cost from utilities due an increase demand for service.

what size water heater do i need ?

Smaller tanks (50- to 60-gallon) can usually serve 1-3 people. A medium tank (80 gallons) is appropriate for 3-4 people. And a large tank can provide hot water for 4-6 people. 

Does my water heater need Maintenance ?

Yes! Neglecting annual maintenance often results in your water heater breaking down prematurely.  

what causes pilot light to go out?

A faulty thermocouple is the most common cause of the pilot light going out in your water heater. The thermocouple is a safety feature meant to prevent a gas leak, so if it is dirty, worn, or broken, your pilot light will not hold a flame. Learn more about why your pilot light keeps going out and how to relight it here!

Bring The Heat With SuperTech's Water Heater Repair 

SuperTech HVAC Services is the only place to come to for water heater repair in Baltimore, Lutherville-Timonium, Ellicott City, MD and surrounding area. Our main focus is our client. We go above and beyond in all the services we provide, making sure that every complaint we are called to address is taken care of totally and completely. We don’t want you suffering through a cold shower any more than you do; your comfort and happiness matters a lot to us. Because of that, we make sure to give you the best prices. You get no hidden fees or charges. Call us today and you’ll find that our services will fit right in with your budget. No matter the brand or model, our professional technicians will have your faulty water heater up and running in no time, working almost as well as the day you first got it.

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