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What Are Light Commercial Rooftop Units

Let’s get one thing out of the way – what is a rooftop unit to begin with? To put it simply,  a rooftop unit is an HVAC piece that has been installed on the roof of any building.                 Rooftop units are also known as package rooftop units. This means that the entire HVAC system, with all the pieces it needs to create the AC, has been housed in one single and concise unit on top of your house or business. Rooftop unit house everything in one place while the typical AC system has components split in two places.                                                                                                                                   Apart from that, rooftop systems can be both air conditioners and heat pumps. Therefore, they can either heat or cool your house. If you install a humidistat, it will also control the humidity in your house and allow fresh air to be ventilated through your system. This is something that an AC system cannot do. Therefore, think of this option and benefit before you purchase and then go for a rooftop unit installation.

Regardless of the type of commercial property or business you have, SuperTech can be trusted to create and maintain comfortable buildings. Light commercial rooftop units are typically considered a subset of commercial rooftop HVAC systems. Light commercial rooftop HVAC units are designed for small to medium-sized commercial buildings. This includes smaller-scale business, such as offices, free-standing retail, restaurants, banks, etc. They are for the most part under four stories and less than 25,000 square feet. These light commercial rooftop units operate at lower capacities than their heavier duty counterparts, which is why they are more suited to light use environments. These systems are usually less powerful than those used in large commercial and industrial facilities, but they make up for it with their energy efficiency.

What are some signs you need a new HVAC system replacement ?

Businesses love SuperTech HVAC

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One of the heating units at my church stop working. I contacted Steve at SuperTech and he was out the same day. I was not expecting such a quick turnaround, but was grateful.Steven is a true professional who demonstrates excellent customer service. I felt comfortable in his level of expertise and honestly. I will use Steven again and highly recommend to others.

---Derrick S. (Home Advisor )
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When Steven showed up, he was very prompt and extremely professional. He explained the whole project in depth and we felt very comfortable with him. The work was performed in a timely manner and we were very happy with the job. Steven even called us a few days later to see if we were satisfied. We will definitely recommend his company.

--- Michael G. (Home Advisor)
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Steve lives his work and it shows. He is detail oriented and explains the process every step of the way.

--- Bryant M. (Home Advisor)


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Learn More About Commercial Rooftop Units!

How is rooftop units different from split units?

The primary difference is the rooftop unit is evidently on the roof , while a split system is on the side of your house. Additionally, a rooftop unit houses the entirety of the heating and cooling components in one spot. Split systems include your average AC and heat pump that you can find in most houses. The split or AC system consists of both outdoor and indoor units with different components.

What are the benefits of a rooftop unit?

This is a modern solution that keeps away thieves, vandals, and, of course, weather elements such as rain, ice, snow, and lightning! In addition to the added security, it also saves you space, reduces noise, and is a high energy performer.

What are the cons of a rooftop unit?

  • Increased Maintenance- A rooftop unit is directly exposed to the outside elements at a much higher extent then HVAC equipment on the ground or hidden away inside.  This requires more frequent maintenance, especially in an area with direct sunlight and intense heat.
  • Accessibility- This will dictate how easy it is for you to maintain and manage your HVAC unit.  It is important not to forget about it up there!
  • You May Need Permission- There are rules and regulations when it comes to urbanism and landscaping and, sometimes, town or city councils don’t allow you to modify the way your building looks even if you are the owner. Therefore, find out if you have permission to install a rooftop unit first.
  • You Need A Building Expert- As you might have already guessed, rooftop units are very heavy and have a huge number of components. They could cause damage to your roof if installation is done in a poor location. Therefore, one thing you need to do before the rooftop HVAC installation is to call in a building expert who can assess if your house or office building are structurally sound enough to take the weight. They will also assess how strong your roof is for the same purposes. If they determine everything is in good order, you can proceed.

How does an Outside Air Economizer work?

It uses outside air to keep your building cool. This makes the compressor runs less, therefore, reducing air conditioning costs.

What routine maintenance are required for Rooftop units?

Booking a maintenance session four times every year will help you prolong the life of your packaged unit or spot problems that might, in time, turn into bigger issues. An HVAC technician will inspect the system, add more refrigerant if he thinks it’s necessary and change the air filters. He might also discover that your packaged unit has been damaged either by the weather elements, by lightning or by vandals.

Should you repair or replace a commercial rooftop unit?

Ask yourself:

  • Is the system very old?
    • More than 10 years means that you need to go for a unit replacement. A new one will be far more efficient, saving you up to 40% when it comes to energy.
  • What is the condition of the unit now?
    • A good working, efficient unit only needs occasional repairs. But if the repairs are very often, go for a unit replacement. 
    • How much are you spending in repair costs
    • what warranties do you have?
  • Are you experiencing
    • interruptions in the business
    •  dissatisfaction with workplace comfort
    •  safety issues
    •  high utility costs 

Consider: The 50% rule – you’re debating between repairing and replacing. Go for a repair if it costs you less than half of its value and if the repairs are not too often.  If you are thinking about replacement look into the tax deductions and rebates available for your business. Give your technician a call. He will tell you how efficient your unit is and determine what needs to be done.

From One Business To Another

If you are looking for commercial heating and cooling services, then look no further than our team at SuperTech HVAC Services. We can provide a customized solution that will meet your needs and keep you comfortable all year round. With years of experience in the industry, we have seen it all when it comes to weather conditions.

We can work in any type of light commercial building or with any business. We can repair and service all makes and models of heating and cooling systems. Whether you need HVAC installation, maintenance, or repair, new furnaces, air conditioners, or even indoor air quality upgrades; our experts are here to help! 

We make sure that our technicians have all of the skills they need for any type of project. Our goal is to work efficiently so that we can save our customers time and money. Call us today or schedule online for more information on how we can assist you with any size project!

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