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How Does A Heat Pump Work

Heat pumps don't generate heat, they move it. A furnace makes heat and moves it around the home. Heat pumps take heat energy from outside air in colder months and bring it inside. In hot months, they do the opposite: take heat energy from inside and release it outside.

Heat pumps work by looking at how heat naturally moves. It moves from warmer areas to cooler ones, so the heat pump uses that property and puts the warmer air in contact with a colder area. This way, the air will cool down and becomes an even temperature.

Thanks to the reversing valve, a heat pump can change and reverse its flow of refrigerant. This means it has two different functions: one for cooling your home in summertime and another for heating up your home during winter months! The process is quite ingenious too! Air is blown over an evaporator coil, transferring heat energy from the air to the refrigerant. The heat energy is circulated in the refrigerant to a condenser coil where it is released as a fan blows air across the coil. So your house can be heated or cooled by this process.

To provide heat, a pump works by taking heat from the outside and transferring it to refrigerant. The refrigerant is then compressed to become hot before it goes to the inside unit. The inside unit transfers the heat to the air indoors.

To cool, a heat pump takes heat from the air and transfers it to refrigerant. The refrigerant is then moved to the outdoor unit and expels out the heat.

How do you know if something is wrong with your heat pump?

Check out below!

No One Does it Better than Us.

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Daniel arrived at our house promptly and immediately got to work on a suspected heat pump refrigerant leak. He thoroughly explained the steps he performed and the rationale behind them. He concluded his visit with a review of the invoice, explaining the resulting numbers from the leak test. We are very pleased with the service received!

---Scott (Nearby Now )
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Great service. I had my attic unit—a 20 years old heat pump—replaced by the firm. They were competitive on the price and excellent on the service. I now have a very efficient Lennox system (2 ton; 14 seer) that runs quietly in the attic. During the installation, they covered the work area with matt and blanket—making the cleaning-up of my bedroom so easy. They were all very professional. I would recommend them to others. Keep up the good job!

--- Qiyu Z. (Google)
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Kenny the service tech had a great demeanor and was very knowledgeable. I could tell he took pride in his work. I look forward to him being our regular service person

--- Roderick H. (Google)


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Common Signs that Your Heat Pump Needs Attention

Heat Pump Blowing Room Temperature Air

Not Warm Enough

Never Correct Temperature

Strange Noises

Bizarre Sounds

Furnace Odors

Heat Pump Odors

High Utility Bills

Increasing Utility Bills

Furnace Leaking Water

Heap Pump Leaking Water

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What Is Included In Heat Pump Servicing?

Check and test controls.

Assess the cleanliness of filters, blower wheel, evaporator coils and condenser coils.

Replace or clean the air filter. Check and test electrical parts.

Measure the volts, and amps of compressors, and motors.

Measure pressures, superheat and subcool. Check and test safety switches.

Inspect drainage and treat any growth in the drain plan. Evaluate temperature split. Assess the air flow.

How Much Does It Cost To Service A Heat Pump Unit?

SuperTech HVAC offers a thorough heat pump tune-up for $179. It usually takes about two hours. If any repair has to be done, it would cost more. How much more also depends on the repairs needed.

How Often Should My Heat Pump Be Serviced?

You should service your heat pump twice a year. The best time to service it is in the spring to ensure it works well in the summer and in the fall to ensure a good performance in the winter. On top of that you should change filters at recommended intervals, such as every 30 days.

Is It Necessary To Service A Heat Pump Every Year?

It is not absolutely necessary; however, you should. Consequently, if it isn’t properly maintained, your heat pump will see an efficiency loss of 5 percent each year. In addition, routine maintenance is crucial to keeping your heat pump’s warranty intact.

Could I service heat pump myself?

Most of the homeowners could change filters themselves. Some maintenance can be done by a knowledgeable homeowner, such as checking temperature split, checking controls and switches, however, equipment and EPA certifications are needed to handle refrigerants and assess air flow. Therefore, a qualified technician should maintain your system periodically.

Should I get a service plan for my heat pump?

A service plan is generally a good idea because you would save money. The savings club maintenance plan offered by SuperTech includes two free maintenance visits, one in the spring and one in the fall to tune up your heat pump system. The two tune-up visits alone cost more than the service plan. As a service plan club member, you also get free diagnostics for repairs, 20% off repairs, 10% off new system purchase and priority scheduling

We make you comfortable 

Heat pumps are a great way to keep your home warm during the winter and cool in the summer, but they need maintenance too. If you’re concerned about how well your heat pump is going to fare during the harsh winters, remember that SuperTech HVAC Services offers professional heat pump service. 

An annual servicing of you heat pump should be enough to make sure that it continues to run in good condition. It’s also a good idea to have one done before you turn on the unit for the first time in the fall or if it has been more than two years since its last tune-up.Our expert team of technicians here at SuperTech HVAC Services will meticulously run through all the necessary steps to make sure that you’ll have no problems with your system when you need it the most.

Schedule your Heat Pump Tune Up today with SuperTech HVAC Today! We offer competitive rates and our technicians will be happy to answer any questions you may have about how best to take care of your system this season.With unmatched expertise and a wealth of experience, our technicians perform a thorough heat pump service on your system so you can rest assured that there won’t come a time when it will fail on you.

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