Maintenance Plan Savings Club Gold Membership In Baltimore, MD

Welcome to the Savings Club Gold Membership

Here’s a question for you. Would you consider buying an expensive car and then driving it for years and years without checking it regularly? Our best guess is no. You would never put such a pricey purchase at risk after you invested your savings in it. Nor would you put yourself and your family at risk.

The same logic stands behind the HVAC system you have installed in your home or building. Maintaining it in a professional way is the best and safest way to make sure your unit is both healthy and running at the peak of its performance. But in order for that to happen, maintenance needs to be done on a regular basis, depending on your needs and on the HVAC system you have installed.

This is where the professional technicians at SuperTech come in. We have designed a maintenance plan that is tailored to maintain and tune up your HVAC system so that you don’t have to do a single thing. Just relax knowing your family is safe, your unit is running smoothly and your bills are getting smaller every month.

Is that even possible?
Sure! And much more.

Here Is A List Of Services And Discounts Offered Through Savings Club Gold Membership:

  • Two Free Annual Maintenance Visits, Heating and Cooling OR
  • One Free Annual Maintenance Visit, Heating only or Cooling only
  • Priority Scheduling and Service
  • Waive of Diagnostic Fee ($89 each)
  • 20% Discount on Repairs
  • 10% Discount on New System
  • Automatic Maintenance Notification
  • Written Maintenance Visit Report

Reduced energy costs are a given when you maintain your system on a regular basis. Even more so when you’re a member of the Savings Gold Club. A scheduled service that happens once or twice per year can ensure that your unit is not struggling of malfunctioning, which, in return, might cause it to use more energy than needed and, thusly, upping your bills.

Regular maintenance also has the benefit of preventing catastrophic breakdowns and guaranteeing fewer repairs. When an HVAC unit is maintained regularly by a professional, he can catch small issues that may be happening with it before they turn into grand problems that could cause it to break down.

Prolong Unit Life

Maintenance and tune up are also the main things that will prolong your unit’s life. According to studies, most HVAC systems break down ahead of time because they have not been cared for well enough. Therefore, instead of seeing you all the way through its 15-20 year life, you will get far less use out of your costly investment without proper maintenance.

Warranty and maintenance are also closely linked. Most of our clients are surprised when they find out that the manufacturers of their units refuse to honor their warranty because they did not perform annual maintenance. This is, of course, written in the terms and conditions, but it still comes as a surprise. You can now easily avoid this with a Savings Club Gold Membership.

But the most important feedback we get from our clients that have chosen to go for regular maintenance with us is the safety and peace of mind they have every year knowing their families are not at risk.

Our Trained Professionals

HVAC units and systems run on electricity, gas, as well as a series of powerful chemicals such as refrigerants. Unseen problems that homeowners or building owners may not notice at first glance can cause a lot of damage if they are not caught in time. Our clients are thankful that a trained professional can put their mind at ease every start of the season.

The idea of hiring an HVAC company to maintain, service, diagnose, and, if the need be, repair your unit every spring and fall is the best way to ensure your system is safe and functional for the entire season to come.
Starting with inspection and cleaning and finishing with replacements and repairs, our team of technicians are trained to perform every task needed to prolong your unit’s life expectancy, increase its efficiency, and lower your bills. All you have to do is schedule a tune up today with SuperTech. Give us a call and ask for the Savings Gold Membership because the benefits are worthy of signing up.

Here Is A List Of Checks Our Techs Do:

  • Check thermostat
  • Check, clean and replace filters
  • Check duct work
  • Check evaporator temperature drop
  • Check condenser
  • Check lineset insulation
  • Water clean condenser coil
  • Check circuit board & wiring
  • Check & Tighten all electrical connections
  • Check for proper voltage to condenser
  • Check condenser fan blade
  • Check discharge pressure
  • Check suction pressure
  • Check amp draw of condenser fan motor
  • Check amp draw of compressor
  • Check amp draw of blower motor
  • Check super heat
  • Check sub-cooling
  • Check heat exchanger
  • Check flame sensor
  • Check all safety switches
  • Check all the exposed gas piping
  • Check draft combustion motor
  • Check flue pipe
  • Check flame
  • Check igniter
  • Check Furnace temperature rise
  • Vacuum & brush clean Furnace

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