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SuperTech HVAC Services is your go-to furnace repair team in Baltimore, MD. We’re your locally owned and operated home heating service company, and we can assist with both residential and commercial properties. Our techicians have years of industry experience to support your heating needs. We combine the resources and expertise of a large HVAC company with the personal touch of a smaller one. We believe this gives our customers in Charm City the best of all possible repair experiences.

Since opening our doors in 2014, we’ve garnered a lot of positive attention from our customers. Check out our top reviews on Google, and Facebook. We also give back to the local community by supporting important programs such as Lowe’s Hero’s Project.

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For heating repair services that can make a difference in Baltimore, you can rely on SuperTech HVAC Services. Winter weather can wreak havoc on home heating equipment and cause unwanted failures. Our qualified repair team is available to respond with complete repairs, and we’re licensed and insured to serve you. Whether your heater has completely failed or can’t deliver warm air, we can get it running again. Our technicians are knowledgeable about repairing older systems, high-performance units, and smart technologies.

We appreciate our customers and want to support them with the warm, comfortable indoor air they deserve. Ask us about current discounts and specials that could help you reduce your overall repair costs. We offer seasonal and referral coupons. Year-round discounts are available for teachers, firefighters, veterans, and senior citizens.

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Reliable Heating Repairs in Baltimore, MDSometimes, you may need to schedule a heating repair service in Baltimore that isn’t an emergency. Systems can begin malfunctioning before completely shutting down. SuperTech HVAC Services can make repairs to equipment that cycles on and off too frequently or provides poor airflow or spotty temperature results. Our flexible appointment scheduling is the perfect solution for non-emergency appointments. Technicians are skilled at maximizing energy efficiency and can show you how to operate your equipment for the best results.

One of the worst feelings in the world is waking up at 4 AM or on a cold winter morning and realizing your heat went out. What do you do? Do you take the matters into your own hands like your parents used to do or do the proverbial thing and ‘call a guy?’ Since heating your house is such an important thing, you go for the latter. Still, how do you explain to him what’s wrong with your furnace? Stop worrying! We have all the answers so we decided to share our knowledge on furnace repair in Baltimore, MD to help you out. Just take a look below!

How Does a Furnace Work?

However, before we can even begin to talk about the repair of your furnace in itself, we must first delve a little into what is a furnace and how it works. Don’t worry, we pooled all the specialists at SuperTech HVAC Services and came up with the easiest way to wrap your head around the science behind it.

Simply put, furnaces are central air systems typically powered by gas that will heat the air in one area of your house and then redirect it in every other room through vents and the ductwork.


A furnace is primarily made up of the following components:

  •         The control system, which means electrical controls and a thermostat
  •         Burners
  •         A gas valve
  •         Blower
  •         A heat exchanger
  •         The ventilation system
  •         Duct

When you turn on your thermostat, you essentially send a signal to the gas valve to open and release gas into the burner component. Its flames will then heat up a metal heat exchanger sending the heat all throughout the coiled tubes in the heat exchanger and then into the air.

While the heat moves within the heat exchanger, the fan and the blower motor will move through the ductwork through all the rooms of your house. But all of these steps will happen only if the furnace is in perfect condition. So, what might cause it to break down and make you call for furnace repair in Baltimore, MD?

The Most Typical Furnace Problems

Our experienced team has put together a comprehensive list of the most common problems you might face if you have a furnace. Read them all the way through to gain a little knowledge on your heating system!

1.      The Batteries on the Thermostat Need to Be Replaced

Remember that your thermostat works on batteries which need to be replaced from time to time. If your house is chilly and you’ve headed to the thermostat to turn it on but found that it’s not working, don’t panic! Start with the most obvious of solutions first. Check the batteries!

2.      The Circuit Breaker Might Be Blown

If you have reasons to believe this might have happened, go to the breaker’s panel and find the circuit which controls your furnace. If it has been switched to ‘Off’ or if it’s in the middle, you can test it first. Switch it back and forth a few times to make sure it’s not broken. Once you’ve established it still works, turn it back to the ‘On’ position.

3.      Your Filters Might Be Clogged

There’s a very easy way to tell if this is the issue with your furnace. If it still works but you know from previous experience or from past years that it’s not producing as much heat as it should, then its filters might be clogged.

Fortunately, changing your filters is a very easy job. Locate them, pull them out one by one and hold them out against a source of light. It the light cannot shine through them, then you need to change them.

Another sign that you must change your air filters is the way they smell. If, when you turn on your furnace, the air that comes out from the vents smells like dust or mold, change them quickly!

4.      Contaminated Burner Flames

Another very common issue when it comes to furnaces is that the burner flames get contaminated with a lot debris. But checking them out is quite an easy task! Simply look at the flames. They should be bright blue and very even. This means that the burners themselves are clean.

However, if the flame is colored yellow, your burners may very well be dirty and in need of a good cleanup. They can be polished easily enough. But remember not to do this while the furnace is on. Turn everything off, including the gas itself!

You will also want to clean the area around your burner. Since you don’t use it that much, dust settles in there during the warm season. The best thing to do is to check all this in late autumn, before you need to use your furnace every day so you can avoid any surprises.

5.      Furnace Switch Might Be Turned Off

Sometimes, problems can be as simple as a switch not being turned on. But when your whole house is cold and you don’t have a working knowledge of your heating system, it can be devastating. So, if something is wrong, try the obvious solutions first. If you notice that the furnace switch is off after you have located it somewhere inside or next to the cabinet, switch it back on. Wait a few moments for the furnace to engage. This, consequently, leads us to the following.furnace switch

If the furnace doesn’t engage, then you might have bigger issues than just flipping the switch on and off and you need to call in a specialist. We need to impress on you that actually repairing your heating system is a very serious matter that you should not undertake on your own. Please call us immediately, explaining exactly what happened. Our specialists will find the best and fastest solution when it comes to furnace repair in Baltimore, MD.

Moreover, if you have questions, we are always available and very easy to reach on our website, where you can message us with all your questions and queries about your heating systems. Furnace repair in Baltimore, MD has never been easier once you know what to do, how your furnace works, and whom to call if anything should happen to your HVAC system!

SuperTech HVAC Services is your reliable furnace repair team for Baltimore. We offer affordable repair rates and peace of mind. We can also handle heating installations and maintenance as well as air conditioning repair services for homes and businesses.

Call today to schedule an appointment Or Submit A Request Through Our Online Request Form And Our Furnace Specialist Will Help You With Your Furnace Repair.