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What Is A Packaged Unit?

Unlike the traditional split HVAC units that many people are accustomed to, a packaged HVAC unit consolidates all the parts for heating and cooling in one central location. Packaged units are usually installed on the exterior of the building, either on ground level or up on the roof.

Split HVAC units have parts like the condenser and the compressor placed outdoors, while the air handler and evaporator coil are placed in an indoor cabinet where the cool air is delivered through the ducts. A packaged unit does not have an indoor cabinet, instead every single part necessary for healing and cooling are found in one outdoor compartment. 

What might cause it to break down? Check out below!

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SuperTech was contracted to replace heat and cooling system at our church. The estimate was fair and the installation was done in a very professional and timely manner. We have subsequently used them for the annual service on HVAC unit. Steven, as well as his technicians are knowledgeable, courteous and neat. Highly recommended!

---Thomas R. (Google)
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Steven is very knowledgeable, professional, courteous and very accommodating to any and all scheduling. Steven quickly follows up to all emails, texts and/or phone calls. The overall pricing was wonderful!

-- Drew S. (Home Advisor)
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Very friendly and knowledgeable and most of all reasonable.

--Glenn M. (Home Advisor)


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Packaged HVAC Info:

How Do Packaged Systems Work? 

The internal parts of the packaged HVAC system circulate refrigerant, by using heat generated from either gas or electricity. A fan pulls warm air in, which then passes over the cold coil of the evaporator. This cools the air by transferring the heat to the refrigerant that cycles through your HVAC system. Finally, a duct system distributes dehumidified, cooled air throughout your home.

What Are the parts of a packaged unit?

  • Evaporator coil-  Absorbs heat
  • Condenser coil- Releases heat
  • Compressor- Circulates refrigerant
  • Intake for outdoor air- Improves ventilation
  • A fan/ blower motor- Blow heated and cooled air through the ducts
  • A heat source- To turn the refrigerant into gas 

What Are The Benefits of a packaged system? 

1. Fast, easy installation: Because HVAC package units are all-in-one solutions, they are much easier to install (which keeps the cost of installation down).

2. Efficient use of space: A HVAC package system preserves indoor living and income-generating space rather than using it for heating and cooling.

3. Seem-less maintenance: Service and maintenance of an HVAC package unit is faster and easier since all the components are in one convenient place.

4. Lower energy usage: Because it is an all-in-one unit, a packaged HVAC system uses less energy than a system with multiple units - resulting in lower energy bills and greater energy efficiency.

What are the Types Of Packaged Units?

  1. Gas/electric packaged unit
  2. Heat pump packaged unit
  3. Dual-fuel packaged unit
  4. Air conditioner packaged unit

What is a retrofit? 

HVAC retrofit is the process of modifying and upgrading an existing heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system. Retrofitting involves adding or replacing components like fans and ducts to a building's HVAC system to increase efficiency. It's a project that can save you money in your energy bill and improve your comfort level. 

What are the benefits of a retrofit?

1. Cut Utility Bills
Studies show that most building owners actually pay more than they need to when it comes to energy because of bad insulation or leaks. Therefore, if you opt for retrofitting your building you can cut the utility bills as well as reduce how much energy is consumed nation-wide. In the long run you will also help the environment by doing so.

2. Air Comfort And Quality
If you have a faulty HVAC system, occupants could feel uncomfortable with the temperature or even get sick because of the air quality. Therefore, you need to make sure the air is clean and that you can ensure a proper working place for everyone.

3. Avoid Repair Costs
When you opt for retrofitting your HVAC system, you are reassured that, at least for some time thereafter, you will not need to repair it. You have a brand new unit on your hands that you will still have to maintain, though, so don’t neglect this aspect!

You can also talk to us if you’re interested in a commercial HVAC retrofit. Our team is ready to answer all the questions you may have on this topic. 

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Packaged unit service in Baltimore, Lutherville-Timonium, Ellicott City, MD and the surrounding areas is on the agenda today. We’re here to help you maintain your HVAC system so that it works well all year round. Maybe you need a new replacement package unit or maybe just an installation of the latest energy-efficient models? Whatever your needs are, we have the team and expertise to get it done for you in no time! Whether this is your first packaged unit service experience or if you want to take care of maintenance or a repair on what's already been installed, our office will be happy to walk you through everything from start-to-finish.

Reach out to us if you need a full package deal - whether that means installation or checking up an existing one (or both!). We’re also on call should any questions pop into mind about anything HVAC related; just give us a ring or schedule online.

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