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A ductless minisplit in Baltimore, Lutherville-Timonium, Ellicott City, MD and the surrounding areas is a common thing. It functions like a regular air conditioner but doesn’t have any ducts. How does that happen?

How Does a Ductless Mini-split Work?

Ductless MiniSplit Installation
MiniSplit Indoor Unit, Wall Mount

As already mentioned, the difference between a ductless minisplit and a central air conditioning system is that the former doesn’t have any ducts. The reason is because the unit indoors blows warm air from inside the house over the evaporator coils which are cold. They have refrigerant running through them which absorbs the heat and takes it to the outside unit. This is where the heat escapes from your house.

With a regular air conditioner, the indoor unit would be placed somewhere out of sight like the attic or even a closet. Ducts would carry the air from your home to this more central location. It would be cooled here and then it would come back to your desired rooms through even more ducts.

A ductless minisplit removes the need for so much piping. Plus, the indoor unit is much smaller and placed inside the room it’s designed to cool.

Since it’s already in this room, there will be no more vents or ducts. It will merely suck the warm air and blow fresh, cold air to cool you off.

Can a Ductless Minisplit Cool off My Whole House?

You get ten points for a very good question! Yes, it can surely do that. If you install several indoor units, they can all connect to the same outdoor unit. In this way they can provide air conditioning to your whole house.

Plus, there’s a whole range or variations of styles when it comes to indoor units to fit all your different rooms.

Mini-Split Installation – The Advantages

  • A mini-split is a highly engineered unit which is very attractive from an efficiency point of view. Moreover, they usually qualify when it comes to utility company rebates.
  • You get both cooling and heating services after a mini-split installation, which means the comfort is year-round.
  • Mini-splits are also solar-friendly because they have very low requirements when it comes to power. Therefore, if you have a home that is using renewable power or ‘Net Zero Energy,’ this is the unit for you.
  • There is no carbon footprint whatsoever, seeing as mini-splits are electric. Therefore, they don’t have emissions.
  • Almost all types of mini-splits come with ‘zoning.’ This will allow you to customize the temperature in a certain room according to your needs or your demands.
  • The outdoor unit of a mini-split is very compact. Therefore, it does not take up as much space.

    Mini Split Heat Pump Installation
    Mini Split Heat Pump Outdoor Unit
  • A mini-split is perfect for remodeling or additions in which access to a traditional type of HVAC system would be difficult and cumbersome.
  • You wouldn’t believe just how quiet a mini-split actually is. This alone should be reason enough for a mini-split installation.
  • They have variable capacity. Most mini-splits are DC inverter driven. In other words, they benefit from a speed compressor that modulates proportionally to your instantaneous demand.

If you want to know what they are plus what are the best options for each of your rooms and your house on the whole when it comes to a ductless minisplit, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

The Mini-Split Inspection Rundown

  • Checking the filters – most mini-splits come with mesh filters that are designed to catch all sort of pollutants such as dirt or debris that could harm the unit itself. However, in time and with a lot of usage, those mesh filters can get clogged. If that happens, the airflow can slow down.
    As a result, the mini-split will have to work harder to provide the same amount of air it used to when it was clean.
  • Examine the refrigerant levels – its main purpose is to cool the coils of the evaporator after it has passed through the pipes. If that happens in a correct manner, the heat will be transferred to the outside.
    But when the unit is low on refrigerant, the coils will never get cold enough to cool off the air. It might mean that the unit is leaking through which refrigerant is now escaping.

    minisplit ductless air conditioner installation in Extension
    minisplit ductless Indoor Unit in Extension
  • Take a look at the condenser unit – this part of the mini-split needs to be cleaned of gunk, debris, fallen leaves or even snow that might be hindering it. All this dirt could affect its cooling process.
  • Inspect the evaporator coils – part of the unit which retains the cold temperature needed to cool off the air. But if there is any debris on its surface, it will insulate it, not allowing the cooling to actually happen.

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Floor Mount MiniSplit Installation
MiniSplit Indoor Unit, Floor Mount

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