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How much does it cost to install a minisplit?

You've been thinking about getting a new mini-split for your home, and you want to know the cost. It's a question that many homeowners ask themselves when they are considering what type of heating or cooling system to install in their homes. The good news is that prices vary depending on the size of your house, how much energy efficiency you need, and the quality of the system.


Size is determined by how much energy needs to be produced. A BTU is a measurement of energy. To get more BTUs, you need to buy a bigger unit. You have two options for units: the single zone and the multi-zone.

The single zone has one evaporator and can produce 9,000 BTUs.

The multi-zone has more than one evaporator and can produce 42,000 BTUs. A multi-zone mini-split can create the same number of BTUs as a single zone one, but they will be split since there are many evaporators in the unit.

Bottom line: The price is higher if you want more BTUs.

Not sure how many BTUs you need to effectively cool your space? Use this BTU calculator:



Mini-Splits usually range between 15 and 38 SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. What you need to take from this is that the higher the rating, the more efficient your unit will be.


There are standard brands that have a moderate cost and which will last between 15 and 18 years. And you have premium brands. Their price is high and they will last between 18 and 25 years.

Installation costs vary widely based on the size of your house, and how energy efficient you need. In general, though, installation averages between $2500-$5000 for a single zone. Larger homes may require more than one unit which can increase the total installation price depending on how many units you install. If you want to find out what it would cost in your specific situation call or schedule online.

It is important to take into account that you might need a permit from the building department to put up a mini-split. Should that be the case, you will have to pay for a system inspection.

What are the signs you need a replacement?

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Workers were courteous and professional. They also made the effort to keep my home clean as they worked by using shoe covers and drop cloths to protect my floors. Project was finished on schedule.

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Am happy we choose SUPERTECH HVAC SERVICES to do our HVAC, very reliable company I must say the sales Lady Debbie Z provided excellent customer service she is very knowledgeable and explain everything clearly beforehand they provided very excellent flawless finish they even clean up when the job was finish.

-- Cecile G. (Facebook)
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I would recommend this company because they are very professional, on time and explains everything in detail before doing the work. The summer months can be a little hectic, as any other company would be in getting service for the summer months but they do fit you in quickly and as early as possible. Thanks SUPERTECH

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Common Signs that Your Duct Less Mini Split Needs Replacement

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Blowing room temperature air

Not Warm Enough

Not Comfortable Enough

Strange Noises

Unusual Noises

Furnace Odors

Bad Odors from Unit

High Utility Bills

High Energy Costs

Mini-Split Dripping Water

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Your Duct Less Mini Split Installation Questions:

How Does A Ductless AC System Work?

The indoor mini-split unit is a machine that's just like central air conditioning, except it can be installed in your room. It takes the hot air from your space and uses refrigerant to absorb heat before releasing cool air back into the same space!

How Long Will A Mini- Split AC System Last?

The life span of your mini-split depends on the quality and brand of your system. In general, a properly maintained mini-split can last for about 15-20 years. Not performing proper maintenance will significantly decrease the longevity of your mini-split. 

What Size Do I Need For a mini-split AC system?

Installing the correct size mini-split is crucial for the how efficiently the unit runs. If it is over sized or under sized your mini-split will be unable to properly control the temperature and humidity, waste energy, and often short cycle.

The most common sizes for mini- splits:

  • 9,000 BTUs (for approx. 350-400 square feet)
  • 12,000 BTUs (for approx. 450-550 square feet)
  • 18,000 BTUs ( for approx. 700-1,000 square feet)
  • 24,000 BTUs ( for approx. up to 1,500 square feet)

Not sure how many BTUs you need to effectively cool your space? Use this BTU calculator:


What are options to install indoor Mini-Split units?

  • Wall mount- On the wall. Wall mounts are the most common and least expensive. It is used best for cooling single rooms.
  • Ceiling cassette/Ceiling Recessed- Inside the ceiling. Can blow air in multiple directions at once. This is ideal for large, open floor plans. This needs 10 inches of clearance above the ceiling to be installed. This is ideal if you do not prefer the appearance of a wall mount, since it blends in with the ceiling. It does not interfere with your existing décor.
  • Ceiling mount- Suspended on the ceiling. This option makes sense if you do not have wall space. This is perfect for large, wide -open spaces.
  • Floor mount- On the floor. This could be sitting on the floor or at the bottom of your wall. This blows air towards the ceiling, which means the effects will be felt quicker. This unit works well if you have had problems with heating rooms with high ceilings, because as you know heat rises. This is best if you have limited wall space. 

Some models are more expensive than others. Is the extra cost worth it?

You're going to get what you pay for. Higher quality models are more expensive but they tend to be better investments in the long run because they last longer, require less maintenance and repairs, have a higher energy efficiency rating. Some premium brands even offer generous warranties that make your purchase feel like an investment rather than just another thing on the list of things you buy before it breaks or wears out!

Can I install mini-split AC myself?

Unfortunately, we have bad news. A ductless mini split installation is no DIY job! You risk voiding your warranty if you install your own HVAC system or hire someone without a license. And in the event of a major accident, homeowners insurance policies often do not cover damages caused by unlicensed labor. But most importantly, no one's safety should be at risk. Please contact the SuperTech technicians who will ensure the installation is safe and up to code.

We Are The Ductless Air Conditioner Experts 

Let us handle all your ductless air conditioning installation! Our team of expert technicians have been doing this for decades and with all that experience comes efficiency and in-depth knowledge on how to do it right the first time. Whether you’re installing your ductless air condition for the first time or whether you want to replace an old unit, SuperTech HVAC Services will have your system up and running in no time.

Quick and effective service is what we promise. Efficiency and affordability is what we guarantee. If ductless AC installation in Baltimore, Lutherville-Timonium, Ellicott City, MD and surrounding areas is what you’re looking for, then look no further. Get a free quote so you can decide on an arrangement that will fit perfectly within your budget. We love hearing from our clients, new and old. Reach out to us on Facebook, or send us a message on WeChat. We are always here for you.

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