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How Can I Tell I Need to Call the Heating Repair Team?

Heating repair in BaltimoreLutherville-Timonium, Ellicott City, MD and the surrounding areas is a common problem, especially in the cold season. They are complicated systems that have very intricate components. Therefore, it’s not always easy to put your finger on what’s wrong with them. So how can you tell?

Signs That You Need a Heating Repair Team

Heating Repair In Baltimore, MD

  1. Your system does not stop running
    This is one of the easiest ways for you to tell that something’s wrong and you need a heating repair. Normally, the system should cycle on and off. Should that be your case as well, there might be something wrong with the thermostat or the blower in the furnace. But it all depends on what kind of system you have. A specialist will be able to determine the issue and fix it for you.
  2. Some spots are randomly colder than others
    Again, easy to spot, pun intended. Unless you have zone heating and you specifically set the temperature to different degrees in separate rooms or areas of your house or building, it should be the same temperature all over. If that doesn’t happen and you start noticing that certain spots are rather colder than they should be, call in the team!
  3. The heater is giving out a burning smell
    This usually happens if your heater is a furnace. Evidently, a burning smell is extremely unsettling so you need to act as quickly as possible. But not if this is the first time you’re turning on the furnace this season. It has just been gathering dust and debris through the summer which is now burning off as the furnace lights up for the first time.
    However, if you feel it in the middle of the cold season, it’s a cause for concern. Your air filters might be clogged. If that happens, then the dirt is now settling on some of the other components of the system and is burning off.

If you feel, see or smell any of the signs above but not just these three, any signs at all that something might be wrong, you need a heating repair team to come to your house. Give us a call as soon as possible and we’ll be on our way!

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