Boiler Repair in Baltimore, Lutherville-Timonium, Ellicott City, MD and the Surrounding Areas

Boiler repair in Baltimore, Lutherville-Timonium, Ellicott City, MD and the surrounding areas doesn’t happen all that often since boilers are very sturdy. However, they will still break down at some point, which is why you need to be aware of what problems may occur with your system.

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How Does a Boiler System Work?

They are powered by gas. The boiler in itself will ignite the gas fuel. This is what will heat the copper pipes which are full of water. They are also called heat exchangers. As the copper pipes heat up, so does the water inside them.

The hot water will then be directed through the unit by a pump. Its final destination will be the radiators in each of your rooms. They will fill up with hot water and heat up themselves. The heat transfers from the radiators to the air in your room, making it warm.

How Many Types of Boilers Are There?

There are two types of boilers:

  • A hot water boiler has a tank full of hot water at all times. The water reaches an average of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. When you wish to use the heat, the water will travel through the pipes being pushed by a pump all the way to your radiator where it will warm up your room.
  • A steam boiler has to boil the water that can be found in its tank and bring it up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit so that it can make steam. It will be pressurized to fill your pipes so that it can travel toward your radiator.

Boiler Replacement Baltimore MDWhat Is a Boiler Inspection?

There are two types of boiler inspections a professional team can do – an external and an internal one.
An external inspection will happen when the system is still in service. Therefore, make sure to schedule it when the small interruptions caused by the inspection will not disrupt your operations. If you have any personnel, notify them that the inspection is happening.
Internal inspections take place when the system is not in service any longer. They are very complex.

Do I Need An Inspection?

Yes, you do. A regular inspection will help save energy and ensure your boiler is working on an optimal level. Seeing as a boiler typically uses a lot of energy to run, an inefficient operation will waste a lot of energy and increase your bills and operation costs more than it should.

Apart from that, a regular boiler inspection can prolong its life. When you think about the fact that a boiler costs a lot of money to install, you will understand why it’s so important to take care of it and make it run longer.

The Most Common Boiler Repair Problems

  1. Kettling:
    Even though this word may be unfamiliar to you, the sound associated with it is not. It’s a rumbling or even a loud banging that you can hear from the heating unit. The source of the problem is a surplus of minerals found in the water in your area, otherwise known as hard water.
    In time, the deposits it creates will alter the pressure levels in the boiler. If your boiler is kettling, than it could spring a leak or even represent a threat to your entire house. It’s time for a boiler repair.
  2. Dripping and leaking:
    This is, in fact, one of the most common complaints that we get from people – that their boiler is leaking. If the drip is located in the tank, the problem is very serious. Your boiler has been corroding for a while and we have to perform a boiler repair. Still, the leak can also come from the valve or the pump.
  3. The boiler is not producing any heat:
    This is a very critical condition, indeed, but there is no telling what the cause could be. The ignition may be faulty, a pump could be broken, or just the thermostat could have given way. It might also be that a safety switch is now stopping the boiler from heating your house.

Boiler installation Baltimore MDWhy Should I Get a Boiler Replacement?

  • Because your old boiler is now beyond economical repair. Boiler Replacement will be much more cost-effective in the long run. This means that you can keep repairing it, but if you add up all the bills you will see it would make more sense to get a replacement.
  • Here’s a good rule of thumb. If all the repairs have costed you more than 40 percent the price of a new boiler, it’s time to say goodbye to the old one.
  • You want to move the system’s location. If you’re thinking about relocating your boiler, you might actually want to change it altogether. It’s a solution that will cause less hassle. You will have the chance to upgrade to a more energy-efficient unit as you do so instead of keeping the same, old boiler in a different spot in your house.
  • It rates low of the energy efficiency scale. Building on the above, a boiler that scores very low in terms of energy efficacy will be the cause of high bills. Therefore, if you invest in a more modern one that has higher efficiency, you can save when it comes to your bills.
  • You want to sell or even rent your house. Needless to say, a house that has a brand-new boiler will be very appealing to potential buyers. Therefore, it may pay out to invest in a boiler replacement today.

Why Should You Get a Boiler Service?

  • To save money on your bills
    A boiler that runs as smoothly as possible will save a lot of energy. And you know what that means – lower bills for you! That’s the happy outcome of getting your boiler serviced.
  • To avoid breakdowns
    Having a professional take care of it will enable you to catch small and possibly invisible problems very early on. In this way you will keep it in a superb condition and avoid nasty breakdowns that would cost you a lot of money otherwise. Not to mention a breakdown will leave you with no heat or hot water until the problem is fixed.
  • To prevent it from being replaced
    When you keep it running as smoothly as possible, you will also delay it being replaced by a new one. The replacement will come at a very high cost that will put a strain on your budget far more than servicing would.

cat on warm and cozy radiatorWhen Should You Get a Boiler Service?

We recommend that you service your boiler every year. In this way the technician can catch any issues happening with it. Make sure you do it before winter. Therefore, if there are any unpleasant situations, you will be able to fix them long before your house needs to be warmed up.

You can also get your boiler serviced during the summer months. It’s not a common practice, but this is when HVAC professionals are less busy in this area, so they will be at your service.

Therefore, if you want to schedule a boiler inspection or have questions about the process, give us a call using the number you can see at the top of the page or email us using our contact information. SuperTech has the best technicians in the area!

Therefore, if you’re having problems and believe you need a boiler inspection, service, repair or installation, don’t hesitate to contact or call us as soon as possible! You can also schedule some time with one of our qualified technicians here.