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SuperTech HVAC Services Is Proud to Provide Air Conditioning and Heating Services for the Catonsville Community and the Surrounding Halethorpe and Woodlawn Communities.

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SuperTech Heating & AC is ready to help with any HVAC repair job in Catonsville, MD. When summer temperatures get hot in Baltimore County, a broken air conditioning system can create a stressful situation. Our locally owned and operated company can repair any make or model of air conditioner you have in your home. Since we’ve been offering both residential and commercial air conditioning repair services since 2014, our crew knows how to address many types of problems. Customers appreciate that we have the resources and expertise of a larger HVAC repair company with the personal touch of a smaller one.

We’re known for:
  • Offering outstanding customer service
  • Communicating openly, honestly, and clearly
  • Operating with honesty and integrity
  • Having flexible appointment availability

The HVAC repair services offered by SuperTech Heating & AC are fairly priced for Catonsville customers. We want to keep our services accessible so that you can have a reliable air conditioning system in your home.


Each air conditioning repair job that we take on in Catonsville will receive our full attention from start to end. We’ll take the time to correctly diagnose the cause of the problem so that we can perform the repair efficiently. Technicians from SuperTech Heating & AC will arrive at your Catonsville appointment on time. They’ll have all of the tools and parts needed to complete jobs promptly.

Customers trust us to:
  • Work meticulously
  • Keep their property protected
  • Answer any of their questions
  • Leave a clean work area

Getting issues with your air conditioner fixed could improve its energy efficiency and save you a lot of money. We’ll use trusted parts that will keep your unit running flawlessly for a long time. We never cut corners with any aspect of our work.


By doing superb work, we’ve achieved BBB accreditation with an A+ rating. We’re EPA certified, and we’ve won the Best of HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List Super Service awards. Close attention is paid to details during each air conditioning repair job in Catonsville. We produce results that will stand the test of time and will get every repair done right the first time. Our technicians receive ongoing training, and they’ve kept current with all advances in the air conditioning industry.

Our technicians also have the training to help with any heating repair, AC installation, or AC maintenance job. Give SuperTech Heating & AC a call today to schedule service in Catonsville.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Help! My furnace isn’t working right. What can I do?

Don’t panic! Sometimes it’s as easy as changing a dirty air filter. Let’s look at a couple of other things worth mentioning. First, check the air filter. Has it been a while since you’ve changed it? This can hamper the efficiency of your furnace. Next, make sure you didn’t have a circuit breaker trip. And then, you’ll want to check your thermostat’s setting, and make sure the battery in the thermostat doesn’t need to be replaced. These are great places to start.

Are there things I can check on my own if my furnace isn’t working? 

Step 1. Something that’s overlooked can be as simple as the setting. Did it get knocked off from the “on” position? Double-check.

Step 2. Did you think about the furnace switch? Be sure to double-check that it’s on.

Step 3. Sometimes your circuit breaker gets tripped and needs a quick flip of the switch.

Step 4. Could your air furnace filter be clogged? When was the last time you changed it?

Step 5. It’s easy to overlook the front panel of the furnace. Make sure it’s securely closed.

Step 6. What about the gas valve? Could that have been turned off? Check to make sure it’s on.

Step 7. Have you checked the air ducts? Make sure there’s nothing blocking them, so you get the best air flow.

Step 8. It may be time to give us a call if you’ve gone through the steps and nothing has helped.

How long will my furnace last before it needs to be replaced? 

The answer depends on if you have an oil furnace or a natural gas furnace. An oil furnace with proper maintenance will see about 15-25 years of life, whereas a gas furnace will get about 15-20 years out of it.

How do I decide whether to repair my furnace or if it’s time to replace it? 

What we recommend you do is look at the comparison of cost to fix vs repair. The first part of the equation takes into account the age of the furnace. Let’s say you have a 12-year-old furnace. Now, look at what it costs to repair it. If you’re paying $500 per year, you take those numbers and multiply them. 12 x 500 = 6000. If the figure is over $5000 it’s time to replace. If it’s under, you’ll repair. For example, if repairs generally only run you about $300 per year, 12 x 300 = 3600, so in that case, we’d recommend repairs.

How much will it cost me to fix my furnace? 

The average price runs about $300, but a lot of this depends on things like the type of furnace you have, the parts needed for repairs, and if you have a warranty. While the price can vary widely between $100 to $1200, we find that most of our customers’ bills fall between $170 to $500 for repairs.

When should I service my furnace? How many times should I do it? 

We recommend that you service your furnace at the start of colder weather. There are a couple of reasons to keep in mind. First, it helps your unit run more efficiently, which also helps extend the life of your furnace. Second, your manufacturer’s warranty can become ineffective if you haven’t kept up with yearly maintenance and inspections, and they’ll want proof! So, be sure to save yourself a hassle, and help extend the life of your unit with a yearly appointment to be serviced and maintained properly.

How much is it to replace an AC unit?

Installing central AC is a big investment. It’s natural to wonder what it will cost. HomeAdvisor says it generally runs between $3700 to $7000. One thing to keep in mind is that the price tag varies based on your system needs, where you live in the country, along with the condition of your existing air ducts.

What size AC unit will I need?

Determining what size AC unit that you need can be complicated. Some suggest 1 ton of AC for every 500-600 square feet, but that’s a generalized rule of thumb. In reality, you’ll also want to account for the types of ceilings you have, number of windows and doors, what climate you live in, how many occupants live there, and even things like insulation. A well-trained HVAC contractor can use a Manual J to get you a better estimate that will help you find a more precise answer.

How many years should I get out of an air conditioning unit?

When choosing to replace or repair an air conditioning unit, a good rule of thumb is to look at the age of the unit. If it’s over 10 years old, it may make sense to replace it. As for lifespan, most air conditioning units see about 12-15 years, and heat pumps about 14 years, if they’ve been well maintained and installed correctly.

The AC is on, but the temperature isn’t changing. Why?

Unfortunately, it’s not always one simple answer. There are different things that can cause this to happen. Consider that it could be a frozen evaporator coil or refrigerant leak. It might also be a dirty air filter or a dirty condenser coil causing you issue. Are your vents blocks? Is there faulty wiring? And don’t forget to check your settings. Is your unit set to cool, and the fan set to auto?

My air conditioner is leaking water. What can I do to stop it?

It’s frustrating to see water, because we often imagine it’s a big problem. The good news is that while it can be something else, most of the time it’s an easy fix. You may have a clogged condensate drain line. If you do, simply take a wet/dry vac and use an attachment to clean the line. While you’re at it, another tip is to use vinegar. Vinegar? Yes! Pour a small bit of vinegar down the line to help destroy bacteria and fungus, which can help prevent future problems.

How often should I get my AC serviced?

AC systems keep us cool when we need it most, but if you don’t take maintenance seriously, you could be losing 5% efficiency each year. That goes for your heating system, too! When you want your system to work at its peak, it’s important to add a tune-up to your list of things to do. One more thing to help your unit run smoothly is to change out the air filters regularly or clean them. We suggest doing this monthly.

About Catonsville, MD

Catonsville, Maryland is a town just outside of Maryland’s capital seat of Baltimore. Sitting west of the city, Catonsville is an easy commute if you work in Baltimore. It’s known for being home to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, which is a research university.

It was established in 1831 by European settlers, but was first home to two Native American tribes—the Susquehannocks and Piscataway tribe. The town’s first name didn’t contain the “s” making it Catonville, but it was later added. To commute to the city of Baltimore, horsecar service was provided starting in 1862, but by 1884 railroad service had come to the area. The town is just over 14 square miles.

What else is going on in Catonsville? Well, you’d be surprised at the nice variety of choices. Stop by the Lurman Woodland Theatre or enjoy some quality time at the Benjamin Banneker Historical Park & Museum or enjoy a good meal at Catonsville Gourmet. If you’re interested in learning more about the area, be sure to visit the Greater Catonsville Chamber of Commerce for more ideas.

Like most Maryland winters, the days can be cold and windy. There’s always a chance of snow, so make sure your heat pump and furnace are in good working order. The cold temperatures range from 27 to 50 degrees during the winter, with January generally being the peak of the cold season.

As for summers, they are hot and humid, with a nice mix of sunshine and plenty of time to enjoy outdoor activities. During the summer months, you’re looking at average highs just about 80 degrees and higher. That’s enough have you reaching for the central air conditioning.

Another thing to keep in mind is that with humid, muggy summers there’s a lot of excess moisture in the air. That means you’ll want to make sure to keep your air conditioning running so you don’t deal with excess dampness, mold, or mildew.

With a dependable HVAC company, you won’t have to think about muggy details. Simply dial us up and we’ll make sure everything is in good working order. Whether you need air conditioning & heating service or a new unit, we’re here for you in Catonsville.

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Great Service

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Great Customer Service

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Very polite and knowledgeable.

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The guys showed up in the morning and had the job knocked out by mid afternoon

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The Technician was punctual, completed a thorough diagnosis, and resolved the problem efficiently. The overall rating isn’t excellent because this service was necessary to correct a previous installation problem.

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Steven Z.

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Kenny C.

Came to address Issues for AC not running. HVAC Repair, replace disconnect switch circuit breaker, and customer signed for the gold member maintenance plan with us.

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Catonsville, MD - Came to address Issues for AC not running. 
HVAC Repair, replace disconnect switch circuit breaker, and customer signed for the gold member maintenance plan with us.
Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Came to replace the control board, and completed the cooling system tune up for family owner.

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Catonsville, MD - Came to replace the control board, and completed the cooling system tune up for family owner.
Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Came to address Issues for AC not working. AC Repair, Shut off ac and jumped fan terminals. The blower started up.

Near Pomelo Ct, Catonsville, MD 21228
Catonsville, MD - Came to address Issues for AC not working. 
AC Repair, Shut off ac and jumped fan terminals. The blower started up.
Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Ac repair

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