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SuperTech HVAC Services Is Proud To Provide Air Conditioning And Heating Services For The Cockeysville Community!Cockeysville MD Air Conditioning Heating Services

We are pleased to inform you that SuperTech HVAC Services, Inc. provides Air Conditioning and Heating services for all home and building owners in Cockeysville, MD and the surrounding areas. If you are in need, please know that our team of experienced and professional technicians is only one phone call or click away! It’s that simple!

The number one thing that we pride ourselves with when it comes to our business is the quality of service. The team at SuperTech HVAC is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service on the market no matter what problem you are facing in your household or as a building owner. As a company, we are first and foremost dedicated to you, the safety of your family and the success of your business. That is why we like to approach every single appointment we take with all the commitment and seriousness you deserve. 

You might ask yourself why we value customer service as well as high quality work so much. The reason is that we are a part of this community as well and wish to treat it with love and care. You, our customer, are not a stranger, but a member of our community in need of help. And the team of expert neighbors here at SuperTech is here to help you. When you will be talking to one of the licensed technicians in our team, you can rest assured it will feel more like talking to a friend!

How Do I Choose the Best Air Conditioning and Heating Services Company in Cockeysville, MD?

There is absolutely no need to worry about finding the best provider of air conditioning and heating services in Cockeysville, MD. You are in the right place and in the right hands! SuperTech can handle all your HVAC problems with the click of a button.

Here is what the team at SuperTech has to offer. A large group of licensed professionals you can trust and who will be completely transparent about the work they are undergoing. The engineers at SuperTech will always explain every step of the way so that you can feel involved and, most importantly, in control. What we want the most is that we can build a relationship of mutual trust with our customers because trust and respect are the two values we cherish the most.

We also know how important these values are to you as well because you are a member of the same community as us. Therefore, in the spirit of trust and uttermost transparency, please browse through a list of our technical abilities on our about us page to see exactly what our licensed engineers can do. In the meantime, here is a quick rundown!

Heating Services in Cockeysville, MD

SuperTech offers an entire plethora of heating services in Cockeysville, MD for both home and building owners. We have designed them specifically so that they can keep you and your family as well as your employees safe and warm. 

Our services include a vast range of heating units such as heat pumps, furnaces, and air conditioners. Please know that all our technicians have received special training to deal with every problem that might arise in regards to your heating system because your safety and comfort is our priority. 

And there’s a lot more that SuperTech and its super team can do! We offer installation of new systems as well as repairing of heating units, maintenance, tune ups, inspections, replacements, and emergency repairs. You can receive promotions, discounts, and coupons for all these services that will make them more affordable. If you need more details, please check out our heating services page!

Air Conditioning Services in Cockeysville, MD

How many times has your air conditioner broken down on you when you least expected it? And every single time that happened it has been a nuisance, we know. But now you don’t have to worry at all anymore because the solution is just one click away. 

Check out our website because you will find all the super simple ways in which you can get in touch with us whether online or by phone!

When it comes to air conditioning services in Cockeysville, MD, we offer repairs, installations, service, tune ups, maintenance, and inspections. Apart from that, if you spend some time on our website, you will be rewarded with some much-needed information about prices, parts, systems, units, and air conditioner reviews. No home or building owner should be without this info! Our website also provides information on discounts, promotions, and the coupons we offer. You can find it all if you click right here.

Commercial Unit Services in Cockeysville, MD

The truth is that seeing as there are so many light commercial rooftop units to choose from, it can be difficult for building owners to decide which one fits their needs. That’s when you should ask the team here at SuperTech. If this is your situation, all you have to do is reach out to us and one of our licensed technicians will guide you through the process.

Afterward, we will install the unit for you. Sit back and relax! All the rooftop units that we offer meet the standards in accordance with the regulations. Therefore, when the job is done, you will be fitted with an efficient, safe, and affordable system!

Since quality is our main concern and we hate compromise, we only work with the best brands on the market. We want you to be satisfied, so we deal with the most successful brands in the industry, such as Lennox. SuperTech is very proud to be a dealer of Lennox systems! Therefore, if you are interested in more details about light commercial rooftop units in Cockeysville, MD, please visit our RTU page

Additional Services in Cockeysville, MD

We are so proud to announce that we have enlarged our area of expertise. As a result, our licensed technicians are now able to handle so much more than light rooftop units, air conditioners, and heating services. Therefore, please do not hesitate to reach out to SuperTech with any problem or concern you might have. We will fix it! Here are some examples of what we can offer in terms of extra services:

  • Mini-splits
  • Water heaters
  • Ductless HVAC systems
  • Fireplaces
  • Ductwork
  • Energy efficiency
  • Furnace services
  • Boilers
  • Central HVAC services

SuperTech also provides specialty services to the community in Cockeysville, MD. They include heating and air conditioning for mobile homes, garages, churches, retail stores, basements, and offices.

Let’s talk about energy efficiency. We have dedicated a lot of time in the past few years to this topic here at SuperTech because we know how important it is to you as a home and building owner. As a result, we have made it our mission to provide you with the best HVAC solutions that will help you pay less when it comes to your energy bills.

This is a win for us as well. While you, the home owner can pay less on your bills, we get to protect the environment by only implementing solutions that are eco-friendly. The best way to achieve both these goals is by suggesting efficient ACs, heaters, and HVAC systems to all our customers. Since we know that this is a topic you feel strongly about as well, please visit our dedicated page where you can read all the details you need. 

Join Our Maintenance Plan!

Have you discovered the latest initiative SuperTech has designed especially for your benefit? If not, it’s time to say hello to the Savings Club. Please visit the Savings Club page where you will find all the details as well as benefits you can have if you become a member. 

Here’s a little preview:

  • If you are a member, you will receive a free maintenance visit every year for your cooling or heating system.
  • Members do not have to pay diagnostic fees.
  • There is priority in scheduling for members.
  • You will receive 20% off for all repairs and 10% off for all new systems.
  • Members receive a notification from us which means you don’t have to waste time keeping track of your system.
  • Our technicians will hand you a written report after every visit.

All existing members of the SuperTech Savings Club state that the benefits and discounts our company offers have improved their systems and helped them last longer. When you perform regular maintenance you are able to spot small problems and fix them before they lead to much more expensive or sometimes, irreparable damages. 

Performing maintenance once per year keeps your unit working as per your manufacturer’s instructions. This will result in lower bills. If you can’t ensure your unit working at optimum levels, then you are essentially losing energy so that it can still provide the temperature you need. Still, the crucial thing here is that a unit which functions well means that you and your family are always safe, happy, and comfortable in your home!

About Cockeysville, MD 

Cockeysville is part of Central Maryland and offers a nice balance between nature and the ability to commute into Baltimore. It sits about 20 miles from the city. It also sits about 40 miles from our nation’s capital. With a population of over 20,000 it’s small enough to be comfortable, without being overcrowded.

You’ll find a focus on nature and the outdoors with Oregon Ridge Nature Center, Loch Raven Merryman’s Trail, and the Maryland Agricultural Resource Council. Looking for something to do? Check out the Hunt Valley Towne Centre, or head over to Andy Nelson’s BBQ for a bite to eat.

Thomas Cockey settled in the area in the early 1700’s, and later the town was named for his family. Joshua Cockey built a home, and then a hotel in the area in 1810, which later became the village of Cockeysville. His son then went on to become a judge and also built a rail station there!

Cockeysville, Maryland is in the center portion of the state, a little further away from the waterways on the east, but nonetheless, they still can’t escape the humid, muggy summers that most Mid-Atlantic states deal with. What does this mean for your home? The extra moisture can be an issue for both drywall and untreated wood. It’s essential that you have a well-serviced and working air conditioning system in your home that can help tackle the humidity and keep you comfortable and your home free from excess moisture.

Make sure your furnace and heat pump are tuned-up regularly. You’ll appreciate them in working order as the winters can be a bit blustery and cold. Snow is a given time to time, with February seeing the most snowfall.

When you’re looking for service, repairs, or a new system, keep us in mind. We can help you with all of your HVAC needs.

Reach Out to Us Today if You Need a Professional Technician for Air Conditioning and Heating Services in Cockeysville, MD

If you have encountered any problems with your heating unit or air conditioner, please don’t hesitate and call us right now.  If you want to schedule a session with us, want a free estimate, or simply have some questions, please contact us. We promise you will find everything you need right here!


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Great service

Review of SuperTech HVAC Services

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The best tech!! Great service!

Review of SuperTech HVAC Services

Kenneth was phenomenal. He took his time to check the HVAC and fireplace and was a pleasure to have in my home. He was thorough and courteous.

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Awesome service A++

Review of SuperTech HVAC Services

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Review of SuperTech HVAC Services

Personable, knowledgeable and efficient! Very impressed

Map of Cockeysville, MD

Excellent Work-Excellent Service

Review of SuperTech HVAC Services

Daniel did a fantastic job at thoroughly evaluating my entire AC system. He was able to answer all of my questions and was very informative with every explanation. This was probably one of the best service calls I have ever received. Well done to Daniel and The SuperTech Company for how they setup their technicians for success.

Justin H.

Justin H.

Mrs Nelson 727061 heating maintenance

Near Pickburn Ct, Cockeysville, MD 21030
Steven Z.

Steven Z.

Near Falls Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030
Cockeysville, MD -
Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Heat repair

Near Western Run Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030
Cockeysville, MD - Heat repair
Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Furnace repair

Near Wimpole Ct, Cockeysville, MD 21030
Cockeysville, MD - Furnace repair
Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Furnace and fireplace service

Near Symphony Cir, Cockeysville, MD 21030
Cockeysville, MD - Furnace and fireplace service
Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Arrived and cycled the thermostat. Noticed condenser fan motor was running slowly and compressor was not running. AC Service, add refrigerant. Helped customer join our Gold Membership.

Near Firwood Ct, Cockeysville, MD 21030
Cockeysville, MD - Arrived and cycled the thermostat. Noticed condenser fan motor was running slowly and compressor was not running. AC Service, add refrigerant. Helped customer join our Gold Membership.
Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Came to address Issues for outside condenser not running. Air Conditioning repair, Due to age and current conditions, recommend replacement.

Near Sunnyvale Ct, Cockeysville, MD 21030
Cockeysville, MD - Came to address Issues for outside condenser not running. Air Conditioning repair, Due to age and current conditions, recommend replacement.
Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Arrived and performed cooling maintenance on gas package unit.

Near York Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030
Cockeysville, MD - Arrived and performed cooling maintenance on gas package unit.
Jerry H.

Jerry H.

Arrived and perform Cooling system tune up. Replaced dirty filter, and added R410 refrigerant.

Near Rhapsody Ct, Cockeysville, MD 21030
Cockeysville, MD - Arrived and perform Cooling system tune up. Replaced dirty filter, and added R410 refrigerant.