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Steven is so nice, so kind, friendly and very knowledgeable of what he is doing. He did very good job to get my heating back. I really appreciate he covered his shoes when entering my house.

---Jenny L. (Nearby Now)
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Excellent service

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Great services

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Honest Advice

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24/7 Live Answer

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About SuperTech HVAC Services, Inc.

SuperTech HVAC Services Is Proud To Provide Air Conditioning And Heating Services For The Owings Mills Community And The Surrounding Garrison Community.

SuperTech Heating & AC is a trusted AC & heating company in Owings Mills, MD. Our experienced team handles all AC & heating service needs in Baltimore County. Our locally owned and operated company continues to put customer needs first. As part of our continued support for our community, we’re part of the Hero’s Project with Lowe’s. We’re also a member of Angie’s List, and we are HomeAdvisor certified. Our BBB-accredited business proudly maintains an A+ rating with our exceptional work, and we hold high standards in all that we do.

Quality Owings Mills' AC & Heating Repairs

We’ve Earned A Reputation For:

  • Quality Lennox products
  • EPA-certification
  • High-quality results
  • Trusted parts and materials

SuperTech HVAC handles any type of AC & heating repair job in Owings Mills. We repair all makes and models of AC & heaters and will get yours running like new. OurAC & furnace services ensure that you are comfortable at your home in Owings Mills. With our high level of skill, we efficiently and correctly diagnose the cause of any problem with your system. Whether it’s making strange noises or smells, we will get it repaired.

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Owings Mills' AC & Heating Installations

Friendly Technicians:

  • Arrive in the company uniform
  • Are equipped with the proper tools
  • Keep their work area tidy
  • Address your concerns promptly

In addition to repairs, SuperTech Heating & AC installs quality comfort systems in Owings Mills. We will help you choose the right model for your house, and find the right sized system for you. A new AC & heater often lowers your energy bills, and provides reliable cooling throughout the hot summer months and heat throughout the cold winter months. Each step of the installation process will be completed professionally. We show our customers how to correctly operate their new AC & heaters after we’ve completed the job. So, count on us for quality when it comes to installations.

Proper Maintenance for AC or heaters

 Regular maintenance resolves minor issues before they turn serious. It’s also a great way to avoid problems with your AC or heater. SuperTech HVAC’s trusted hvac services ensure your AC & heater in Owings Mills is clean and functional. Our comprehensive examination involves the complete inspection of AC & heating systems. We clean components as needed. Our technicians report their findings to you so you know just what shape your AC & heater is in. We always have your best interests in mind during the maintenance visit. For added value, ask about our value-packed maintenance agreement to help you save even more and make regular maintenance easier than ever.

Contact our AC & heating company today to learn more about the Owings Mills services we offer. Call us today!

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frequently asked questions

I Think My Furnace Stopped Working. What Can I Do?

When your furnace stops working, you’ll want to check a couple of things. First, see if the filter needs to be replaced. Is it dirty? What about your circuit breakers? Have you looked to see if one tripped? What about your thermostat settings? Have you checked your thermostat battery?

What Steps Should I Take If My Furnace Is Not Working?

Step 1. First, we suggest you check the thermostat. It’s easy to overlook. Is it turned to heat, and on?

Step 2. Check the furnace switch. Is it on?

Step 3. Did the circuit breaker switch get tripped?

Step 4. Check the furnace filter. Clogged filters can cause issues, so make sure it’s replaced with a clean air filter.

Step 5. Is the front panel of the furnace closed securely?

Step 6. What about the gas valve? Did you make sure it’s turned to the “on” position?

Step 7. Are your air ducts blocked? Double-check.

Step 8. It might be time to call a professional.

Does A Furnace Have A Set Lifespan?

Yes. The average lifespan of a gas furnace tends to be 15-20 years when it’s been maintained well. As for an oil furnace, you should see about 15-25 years with proper care. Remember, that a well-maintained furnace has a much longer lifespan than one that’s been without care.

Why my AC temperature is not going down?

Good question. When it comes to air conditioners not working properly, there are a lot of different things that can cause the problem. For example, it could be a dirty condenser coil or even a frozen evaporator coil. There may be a refrigerant leak, blocked vents, faulty wiring and more. Be sure to check your settings, such as temperature setting, and making sure your unit is set to cool, and your fan on auto.

My air conditioner is leaking. Now what?

Did you know that a clogged condensate line can cause that problem? Here’s what you can do. Get a wet/dry vac and with the right attachment, clean the line. This may solve your problem. Oh, and one more thing, 2-3 times a year, pour a small amount of vinegar down the line to help keep it free from bacteria and fungus.

How often should I get my AC serviced?

AC systems keep us cool when we need it most, but if you don’t take maintenance seriously, you could be losing 5% efficiency each year. That goes for your heating system, too! When you want your system to work at its peak, it’s important to add a tune-up to your list of things to do. One more thing to help your unit run smoothly is to change out the air filters regularly or clean them. We suggest doing this monthly.

About Owings Mills, MD

With a population of over 30,000 people, Owings Mills is beyond the size of a small town, and yet it still kept its charm. This town sits approximately twenty miles from Baltimore, which makes for an easy commute if you prefer suburbia. The town is just under 10 square miles, and is home to both popular business industries and the Baltimore Raven headquarters. Its easy access to 795 makes it easy to get around.

Did you know that the Owings Mills Volunteer Fire Department was incorporated in 1921! People settled into the area in the 1700s, and the town is named after one of the grinding mills that first operated there—Sam Owings Mills. Farming and mining were other important parts of early Ownings Mills.

So, what is there  to do in the area? Whether you enjoy outdoor space like the Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area or the Irvine Nature Center, great music or arts at the Gordon Center for the Performing Arts, or are looking for a bite to eat like at Granny's Restaurant there’s always something to do in Owings Mills.

When it comes to Owings Mills weather, Maryland doesn’t offer a lot of surprises. Being part of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, you’ll find cold winters with a mix of snow and wind, and warm, humid summers.

Due to the mugginess, you’ll want to make sure your central air conditioning unit is in good working order. The dampness can not only leave you feeling uncomfortable, but the extra moisture can create issues with mildew and mold if not accounted for. A good AC unit is a welcome friend when you live in Maryland.

When it comes to winters, make sure your heat pump and furnace are serviced regularly so you’ll stay cozy and comfortable during the cold, brisk days of winter. A good HVAC company can make sure everything is in tip-top shape and keep your units running smoothly. All you’ll have to do is think about what you want to do next weekend, rather than if your heating or air conditioning service is working right.

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