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SuperTech HVAC Services Is Proud To Provide Air Conditioning And Heating Services For The Columbia Community! Columbia MD Air Conditioning Heating Services

SuperTech HVAC Services, Inc. is a proud provider of HVAC services for all building and homeowners in Columbia and its adjoining areas. Our team consists of trained and experienced HVAC technicians that are on call if you have an HVAC emergency, need assistance or simply have questions!

One of the things we take most pride in here at SuperTech is the quality of our services. During our long experience in the field, we have always put quality at the top of our priority list no matter the difficulty of the tasks. Therefore, we have created a team of dedicated specialists that can handle any problems regarding your HVAC system, all for the safety and benefits of your family and business!

The main reason why service quality is among our most prized company values is the fact that we love our community. We have customers, but they are not strangers to us. They are friends and neighbors we are proud to help. Columbia is our community as well and we want to see it thrive. We want the same thing for you! Which can only mean one thing. Interacting with SuperTech is like talking to an old friend!

How Can I Find the Best Air Conditioning and Heating Services Company in Columbia?

If this is the question that’s been on your mind, we already have the answer to it. The best air conditioning and heating services company in Columbia is SuperTech! There is no problem we cannot handle and we are only a click away!
Listen! We are aware that what every single building and home owner wants more than anything is an HVAC technician who is honest and transparent about the process of his work. That’s another one of our company creeds. Our HVAC engineers will explain to you what they’re doing while they are doing it. The reason is that we want you to feel in control in your own home or building. We also want to have a relationship of mutual respect, honesty, and trust where you can ask us any questions you want!
We also know that technical abilities are crucial to you as well. Therefore, since we’ve mentioned transparency and honesty, please go ahead and browse our website to your leisure. Here is a list of some of the services we offer!

Heating Services in Columbia

When it comes to heating services in Columbia, our primary goal is to keep you, your family, and your employees happy, healthy, and safe. Not to mention comfortable!
Therefore, our technicians are prepared to service heating units such as heat pumps, furnaces, and air conditioners. But what we really want to achieve is comfort. As a consequence, all our technicians have been specially trained to resolve any heating problem that you might have fast and easy!
Are you ready for more? Because our services go way beyond that! In fact, here’s a little taste: emergency repairs, inspections, installing and repairing new systems, installing heating units, maintenance, tunes ups, and replacements. We have coupons, promotions, and discounts for all of these services so that you can afford them and never have to think twice about the well-being of your home! Here’s a little look at our heating services page.

Air Conditioning Services in Columbia

Have you ever had your air conditioner breaking down in the middle of a hot summer day? Then you know just how much of a catastrophe it can be. But what if we told you that you can solve it with one click? On our website! Find our contact information, call us or schedule an appointment right there and you’re done!
As far as air conditioning in Columbia goes, we offer inspections, tune ups, maintenance, installation, service and, of course, repairs. But have we mentioned that if you relax a little on our website you dive into a fantastic world of info that will help you take better care of your unit? We have articles on systems, parts, prices, as well as reviews. We also give valuable discounts, coupons, and promotions. Here’s the link!

Commercial Unit Services in Columbia

We know. As a building owner, it can be difficult to choose a light commercial unit for you when there are so many options out there. It can be so confusing! Don’t worry. This is exactly the type of thing we can help you with. If you reach out to us, one of our licensed professionals can take a look at the selection process and guide you.
Apart from that, SuperTech can install the rooftop unit for you, so you can relax. All the rooftop units that our company offers meet the standards and the regulations. Therefore, you can rest assured your system will be safe, affordable, and efficient.
Since we never compromise when it comes to quality, SuperTech only deals with the best brands on the market. That’s because we love to focus on the satisfaction of our customers. As a consequence, we work exclusively with successful brands, Lennox being one of them. We are proud to be a Lennox dealer! Please visit our website in case you want to learn more details regarding light rooftop units in Columbia.

Additional Services in Columbia

Even though we are proud of our technicians who handle air conditioners, light rooftop units, and heating, we have expanded our portfolio so that you can reach out to SuperTech with any nature of problems you might have. We are ready to take care of it for you! Here are some examples of the services we can provide:
Ductless HVAC Systems

  • Mini-splits
  • Water heaters
  • Duct work
  • Energy efficiency
  • Boilers
  • Central HVAC services
  • Furnace services
  • Fireplaces

Apart from that, we have expanded into specialty services that we are now proud to offer to our community in Columbia. They include retail stores, garages, basements, churches, offices, and air conditioning and heating for mobile homes.
Let’s talk about one of our favorite subjects – energy efficiency! We know that it’s just as important to you as it is to us! Therefore, we have made it our goal in the past few seasons to deliver to our customers HVAC solutions that will allow them to pay less and less when it comes to their bills.
Just think about it. It’s a win-win situation! You, as the owner, will pay a lower bill. At the same time, we get to help protect the environment since we can implement such eco-friendly solutions. The only way we can see these two goals met and make everyone happy and comfortable is if we install heaters, ACs, and HVAC systems that are energy efficient. Since we know you are interested in this topic, please visit our dedicated page and read all the details involved!

Join Our Maintenance Plan!

Have you heard about our latest initiative? It has been designed especially for your benefit, which is why we are so proud of it! We’re talking about the Savings Club. Visit its page and find out all the benefits it has to offer!
Before you do, here’s a little spoiler of the goodies:

  • a free maintenance visit every year for your cooling or heating system if you’re a member
  • no diagnostic fees
  • priority in servicing and scheduling
  • 20% off when it comes to repairs
  • 10% off if you want a new system
  • a maintenance notification from us when it’s time to service your unit
  • a written report from the SuperTech technician who serviced you during your maintenance visit.

We already have customers who have joined the Savings Club reporting just how much these discounts have helped in making their units last longer and perform better. When you go for regular maintenance sessions, your technician could spot tiny issues which would, otherwise go unchecked. Leaving them un-serviced could lead to expensive damages and even critical failure.
On the other hand, when you perform maintenance every single year, you make sure that your unit is working just like the manufacturer wanted it to. Therefore, you will be saving energy and your money!
When a system is not performing at optimum levels, it uses far more energy than it should because it needs to put out the temperature you asked for. Still, the most crucial thing of all is that a unit which functions correctly is a unit that will keep yourself and your family happy, safe, and comfortable! No amount of money can buy that!

About Columbia, MD

Columbia, Maryland has a nice mix of activities and opportunities. It sits within Howard County, and while not incorporated, there were enough people living there that it was designated a census location. Columbia is a cluster of villages that are considered self-contained. There are ten of these villages that make up Columbia. With its convenience to Baltimore and Washington, it makes a great place to live while commuting to the busier cities.

Back in 1967 it came about when the area was seen with a purpose. A developer wanted to erase lines of segregation and create a convenient living area just the same. With high marks from CNN’s Money, Columbia is considered a great place to reside. With that in mind, be sure to enjoy the many choices in and around Columbia, such as The Mall in Columbia, Lake Kittamaqundi, or the Columbia Festival of The Arts. If you enjoy music, considering a visit to see The Columbia Orchestra. And if you’re looking for multiple types of music, you can’t go wrong with The Soundry, a popular music venue.

Being a mid-Atlantic state, many are familiar with the weather when traveling through, but what if you live there? This region gets cold, damp, and blustery come winter, so make sure you have those cracks sealed up. Also, expect the heaviest snowfall right around January and February. To deal with the colder weather, be sure to have your furnace and heat pump in good working order.

Did you know we offer multiple HVAC services, whether you need repairs, services, or even a new system installed? Speaking of systems, come summer, make sure your central air conditioning unit gets a tune-up. Due to the humid conditions, it will keep you both comfortable and control potential mold and mildew issues due to the excess moisture.

Reach Out to Us and Get in Touch with the Best Professionals Air Conditioning and Heating in Columbia

If you want to have access to the absolute best HVAC professionals in Columbia, you will have to get in touch with SuperTech. But that’s so easy to do! For any problems with your heating unit or air conditioner, please call us as soon as possible! Otherwise, you can reach us through our SuperTech website in case you need a free estimate or book a session. We’re also available if you just want to chat!

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Excellent service

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Excellent in costumer service, professional service ,maintenance contract ,I am really happy with their service ,they deserve more than five stars 💯🌹❤️

Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Arrived and performed cooling maintenance on heat pump system.

Near Spring Plow Ln, Columbia, MD 21045
Columbia, MD - Arrived and performed cooling maintenance on heat pump system.
Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Came to do heating and cooling maintenance on both zones. Found Heat Pump unit not working properly. Did heat pump repair, Install float safety switch for customer.

Near Woodnote Ln, Columbia, MD 21044
Columbia, MD - Came to do heating and cooling maintenance on both zones. Found Heat Pump unit not working properly. 
Did heat pump repair, Install float safety switch for customer.
Steven Z.

Steven Z.

Arrived and performed the cooling maintenance for customer.

Near Greatnews Ln, Columbia, MD 21044
Columbia, MD - Arrived and performed the cooling maintenance for customer.
Steven Z.

Steven Z.

Near Greatnews Ln, Columbia, MD 21044
Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Came to address the issue on indoor unit leaking water. HVAC services, flush drain line, replaced dirty filter.

Near Lightfoot Path, Columbia, MD 21044
Columbia, MD - Came to address the issue on indoor unit leaking water. 
HVAC services, flush drain line, replaced dirty filter.
Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Working on an AC Repair for a great family in Columbia, MD.

Near Majors Ln, Columbia, MD 21045
Columbia, MD - Working on an AC Repair for a great family in Columbia, MD.
Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Working on an HP Service for a great family in Columbia, MD.

Near Fruitgift Pl, Columbia, MD 21045
Columbia, MD - Working on an HP Service for a great family in Columbia, MD.
Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Near Fruitgift Pl, Columbia, MD 21045
Kenny C.

Kenny C.

Working on an AC Service for a great family in Columbia, MD.

Near Majors Ln, Columbia, MD 21045
Columbia, MD - Working on an AC Service for a great family in Columbia, MD.