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SuperTech HVAC Services Is Proud to Provide Air Conditioning and Heating Services for the Glen Burnie Community and the Surrounding Millersville Community!

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SuperTech Heating & AC has been serving the entire region around Glen Burnie, MD with high-quality AC repair, installation and maintenance services. Our locally owned and operated company is licensed and insured. You can count on us for all your residential or commercial HVAC needs, and we service all makes and models. When you need an AC repair, AC replacement or AC maintenance  for your home or business, trust the professionalism of our technicians. On every job, we deliver the expertise of a larger HVAC company with the personal touch of a smaller one. You can trust the comfort of your family or clientele to our conscientious team.

Reasons people choose us:
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Angie’s List Super Service Award
  • Best of HomeAdvisor Award
  • Certification by the EPA


Summers can be uncomfortable without air conditioning. When your cooling system is starting to fail, you’ll want to find a new unit as soon as possible. No one wants to be stuck with an air conditioner that could quit at any moment. If yours is an older model, you may be running on borrowed time. As the unit ages, it becomes less efficient in cooling down your home. Your equipment will need to work harder, and that could lead to potential failure. When the temperature starts to rise, you don’t want to depend on a faulty or unreliable air conditioner.

When you need an AC installation in Glen Burnie, you should turn to SuperTech Heating & AC. We offer many cooling options for your home or business. Since we have experience with all major brands and models, we’ll find the best AC replacement for your budget. When choosing a company for your next AC installation, you can count on our team of professional technicians and staff.

Signs you need AC replacement:
  • Unusual noises or odors
  • Unusually high utility bills
  • Uneven room temperatures
  • Warm air coming from vents


For your next air conditioning system in Glen Burnie, put your confidence in SuperTech Heating & AC. Our team of technicians will help you find the right options for your needs. We offer the best customer service in the area and want you to be satisfied with our work. In addition to air conditioning installations, SuperTech Heating & AC in Glen Burnie also provides thorough AC repairs and AC maintenance. When the weather cools down, you can rely on us for heating repair, maintenance and installation as well. To discuss or schedule any of these services, call us today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I’m not sure what happened. My furnace stopped working. Now what?

If your furnace is acting up or not working, you might want to check the air filter. A dirty air filter can cause issues and may be a quick fix. Also, check your thermostat’s battery to see if it’s working. While you’re there, also make sure the setting is on and in the right position. Could your circuit breaker have been tripped? Give it a quick check.

Is there anything I can do on my own (before calling a pro) if my furnace stops working? 

Step 1. First, head to your thermostat. Is it set to the on position? Is it set to heat?

Step 2. Next, you’ll want to check the furnace itself and make sure it’s set to the on position.

Step 3. Head to the circuit breaker box and see if the breaker tripped.

Step 4. Next, check to see if your filter is clogged. If it’s dirty, replace it.

Step 5. Did you know there’s a panel in the front of your furnace? Be sure it’s closed securely.

Step 6. Go check the gas valve next. Is it set to the “on” position?

Step 7. Lastly, see if your air ducts are blocked.

Step 8. Still not working? It’s time to give us a call.

How long should my furnace last me?

There are different types of furnaces, so first you’ll want to figure out which one you have. If it’s a gas furnace, expect about 15-20 years out of it. If it’s an oil furnace, you’ll see about 15-25 years of use out of it. Now, keep I mind that a well-maintained and properly inspected and serviced unit will last longer than one you ignored. Take good care of your furnace and it will last you longer!

How do I know if I should replace or repair my furnace?

We recommend using the $5000 rule. What this does is measures how old the unit is, how much it costs yearly to fix it, and determines the cost ratio. Let’s say your furnace is 12 years old. If you find you spend about $500 to fix it, 12x500 comes to $6000.

The $5000 rule says if your costs are more than $5000, it’s time to replace it. If it’s less, repair it. In this same kind of scenario, let’s say your unit is 4 years old. In this case 4x500 = $2000, so this means it would be worthwhile to repair the unit.

How much will I end up paying to fix my furnace?

We can’t give you an exact cost, but we can give you an average. Most of our customers end up in the $17—500 range of repairs, which averages out to $300. It generally comes down to a couple of things, such as having a warranty, parts, labor, or the type of furnace you have. There’s rarely a one-size fits all total, and it can be between $100 to $1200, but on average, we see it costing about $300.

I heard I should service my furnace. When? How often?

That’s correct. We recommend that you service your unit right before it gets cold. Once a year is a smart investment in keeping your unit properly maintained and running more efficiently. Another thing to consider is that if you have a warranty, the manufacture may want proof that you serviced and inspected your unit regularly if they’re called upon to pay for a problem.

I need to replace an AC unit. How much does it cost?

When you’re installing an AC unit to your forced air furnace, there’s a lot to consider. HomeAdvisor says it typically costs between $3,700 to $7,000 when installing a new central AC system, but there are other things to consider. Cost of living is different around the country and that can have an impact on pricing. You’ll also want to consider your needs, and the current condition of your existing ducts when getting an estimate on a new system.

How do I calculate the right size AC unit?

When considering the size of the unit you’ll need, know that there are some factors to keep in mind. In general, though, you’ll often hear 1 ton of AC for 500 to 600 square feet. What you’ll need to take into account is the type and size of windows, doors, ceilings, and more. Consider what climate you live in, how many people live there, and things such as insulation. A good HVAC contractor will use a Manual J which will help you find a more precise answer to your needs.

How long will my air conditioner last? How many years?

When considering that most air conditioning systems last about 12-15 years, you need to account for a few things. That’s a good estimate if it’s been well-maintained though the years. Also, a heat pump should get about 14 years of life out of it if it was installed well and maintained. Lastly, if your unit is over 10 years old, it may be time to replace, rather than repair it to save yourself a headache.

Is something wrong? The AC is on, but it’s still warm in the house.

Did you know that a frozen evaporator coil can cause a problem? As can a dirty condenser coil. There are a lot of reasons that you might be having a problem. Are your vents blocked? There could also be faulty wiring. Even something as simple as a dirty air filter can cause issues. First, go check your settings and be sure your unit is set to cool and the fan is set to auto. Once this is taken care of, if there’s still a problem, give us call and we’ll come help you out.

What’s wrong? My AC is leaking water.

Do you have a wet/dry vac? It may be able to help. The most common issue is a clogged condensate drainage line. Check this first. If it seems clogged, clean it with your wet/dry vac and an attachment. This should help solve the problem. If not, give us a call. Also, before we forget, another handy tip is to use a small bit of vinegar and pour it down the drain line. This helps stop and destroy bacteria and fungus growth.

What kind of maintenance should I be doing with my AC unit?

Air conditioning units are great, when they work. The problem is, they don’t work at their peak performance if you don’t take care of them. A tune-up is a quick, smart way to make sure your system is running efficiently. We suggest you do this in the spring, before you’ll be using it more heavily. Also, take in mind that by cleaning or changing out the air filter, it will also help your system. We suggest you do this monthly. When it comes to your heating system, be sure to schedule a tune up for fall.

About Glen Burnie, MD 

Glen Burnie can be found in the county of Anne Arundel. This Maryland town went through a variety of names, based on a property that changed hands. Glen Burnie is a spin off from the name Glennsbourne Farm, which started as another name. It bounced around to a couple of different names before finally settling on Glen Burnie which finally stuck. The property that started all of this was bought back in 1812, so there’s quite a time lapse. It got its official name of Glen Burnie in 1930, so over one hundred years passed before that happened!

Glen Burnie is a suburb of Baltimore. With approximately 70,000 people and 17 square miles of land, Glen Burnie sits on the southeastern portion of Maryland. When you’re looking for things to do, you’ll find activities, parks, and good eats. Be sure to include a couple of these popular places when making your list. Fit in a quick visit to the Thomas A. Dixon AirCraft Observation Area, do some shopping at the Marley Station Mall, or go skating at the Glen Burnie Ice Rink. Don’t forget to check out the Giant Crash Test Dummy, and Rams Head Dockside after for a bite to eat.

If you’re not familiar with Maryland weather, you’ll find that the northeast and mid-Atlantic state is quite comfortable during spring and fall months. It’s in the summer and winter months where you’ll want to pay attention.

Summertime brings humid days and nights. The problem is with the moisture damage that can occur to walls and untreated wood. That means you’ll want to make sure your central air conditioning unit is in good shape. This will keep the moisture at bay, which will stop damage from happening.

Just like summer, winter can have a few issues, too. Snowy, blustery, and cold are things we can all enjoy on a TV screen, but in person nobody wants to deal with being uncomfortable. That’s why it’s vital that you make sure your units are well serviced and get tune-ups each year. It’s easy to fix problems before they become bigger or know when it might be time to replace a unit. When it comes to all your HVAC needs, we’re here to answer your questions, so give us a call and we’d be happy to help you out.


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