Duct Repair In Baltimore, Lutherville-Timonium, Ellicott City, MD and Surrounding Areas

Air Duct Repair in Baltimore – Do You Need it Right Now?

Duct Repair In Baltimore, MDDuct repair in Baltimore, Lutherville-Timonium, Ellicott City, MD and the surrounding areas is a task on your list that, if not resolved immediately, will simply start losing you money. Why? Because no matter how efficient your HVAC unit is, if your ductwork is faulty, it will leak all the air. Here are some more details.

Why Do Leaky Ducts Need to Be Fixed?

If a duct system is not sealed properly, some 20% of all the heating and cooling that’s supposed to come into your house or building will actually end up in the attic. Not to mention that the older your house is, the worse it gets. Old homes actually lose up to 40% of their efficiency because of faulty ductwork.

But what happens to the ducts? They simply get worn out. Hot or cold air gets delivered through them all year long which makes them shift, move, wear and tear. Apart from that, there could be some debris that is making it difficult for the air to move through them. All of this needs to be addressed.

Signs That Your Ducts Are Leaky

  1. Your utility bills are very high – since the ducts cannot transport the air in a proper manner, then your HVAC unit needs to work a lot harder to cool or heat your house. That means it uses more energy. Hence your higher bills.
  2. The house takes a long time to cool or heat – if this is happening, the air duct might be malfunctioning.
  3. After you turn on the air conditioner, the rooms are dusty – the air ducts suck in dust and debris if they have leaks. This then gets blown back into the house when you turn on the AC.

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