5 Common Boiler Problems

Boilers are nowadays considered standard additions to our houses to supply the much-needed hot water for various functions, including heating air. Unfortunately, these boilers often break down as a result of various structural problems. When a boiler experiences such a mechanical breakdown, the entire heating, and ventilation system may be rendered ineffective. Here are the five common boiler problems.

1. Leaking and Dripping Water

A boiler that is leaking water is a direct indication that the system is compromised structurally at some point. Common areas where water may drip from the boiler include along the pipes, seals, and pressure valves. Dripping water is a serious problem as it may lead to rusting of the pipework within your boiler, while also causing additional flooding mess.

2. Uncommon Sounds

A good boiler should operate fairly silently. However, when the boiler begins producing some uncommon noises, such as whistling, banging and gurgling, this could be an indication that the internal working parts are faulty. Probable sources of such noises include the water pump, heater elements and sediments within the boiler.

3. Low Water Pressure

If water pressure within the boiler is low, then this is an indication of various potential defects within the entire system. A malfunctioning pressure valve or a clogged pipe could cause the obstruction of the flow of water and steam within the pipes. It could also indicate that the pipes may be cracked, thus relieving pressure.

4. Problems with the Thermostat

The temperature-control settings of the boiler are adjusted at the thermostat. Common thermostat problems experienced in boilers today include inaccurate temperature recordings and readings. In addition, an old thermostat may cause frequent cycling of the boiler, which leads to a further compromise of the functioning of the air conditioner.

5. Unmaintained Boilers

If the boiler has been left unmaintained for long, then this could lead to a serious malfunction. Having a malfunctioning boiler can be a nuisance. The problem is likely to persist until proper attention is given.

So what to do if you are experiencing those common boiler problems?

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